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Human, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling


The trade nation of Andorland is a proconsulate of Arcadia. This country was long an unaligned march on the border of intersecting powers. But at the turn of the Age a powerful mage, the AEtherborn, rose to power through an old Andoran House. He unified the country and sought protection under the Arcadians. Andor survived the wars that followed and proved themselves worthy of the lineage of Whitebridge. Almost 100 years later an Andoran sits on the throne of Arcadia, oldest remaining human empire. Andor thrives on the trade that flows out of Ramosia, and on the fact that it has the only known, active adamantium mines west of Otaria. Andor is home to humans that speak five languages, has close ties with the dwarves of Skadia (in the Verge), and her rulers are intermarried with elven royalty.


The Kingdom of Andor has a long and a short past. The Kingdom of Andor was founded in the mid-1st Age after the humans sacked the Elven capital of Whitebridge. Andor rose to power at the end of the 1st Age with the creation of the Order of the White Tower and it's annual conclaves. Throughout the 2nd Age Andor continued to flourish but it ceased to exist after Grand Caliph Suzerain’s invasion of the West. In 25 FA though, a mage of the ancient lineage was able to unseal the doors of the Lion’s Den – the near impregnable fortress of the Andoran Kings. He was crowned in Whitebridge and within 5 years had completely revitalized the ancient country: trade flowed through Whitebridge, the decrepit port of Aldemoor was reopened, and the King personally restarted Andor’s ancient mages’ guild on the coast.

Mining however, not farming or trade, put the coastal country on the map. The town of Kingshaven, nestled in the shadow of the Lion’s Den, became a boom town almost overnight when their miners struck Adamantium Ore. The strike brought more than just money and people to the now growing city, attention from the outside came as well. Arcadia and a hungry Ramosia now noticed the budding kingdom on the coast. Ramosia was the first to strike and the Andoran King soon went to Arcadia for aid.

So it is that Andor has been an Arcadian province for nearly 45 years. Andor has prospered in that time and become an integral part of the Empire. It’s King, now a proconsul, has earned the ear of the Emperor for his service. Proconsul Jared II of Andor commanded the Felixian Campaign and personally led the punitive actions in Concord alongside Jason Argantus, Proconsul of Selucia. Whitebridge is now one of the wealthiest cities in the Arcadian Empire, a center of trade on the Melidaa River, and of late a mustering point for troops and mercenaries headed north to join the Coalition. Aldemoor, lying within a day’s sail of Venecia, is an impressive but still small trade city. Kingshaven is now a sprawling city centered on mining and the feeding of those who mine. Its wealth overshadows a gritty underbelly.


Government: The Proconsul of Andor is also the King and ceremonial Archmage of the Red Tower. Jared I began this tradition and his now middle-aged son Jared II has continued it. The King rules from the White Tower of Whitebridge and meets in council with the Governors of each city-region, his Generals (Praetors), the functional Archmage of the Red Tower, the head of the Kigshaven mining guild, and the head of the Andoran Trade Syndicate at least monthly. Each member of these meetings will always designate a second if necessary following the "No voice unheard" tradition of the ancient Lion Court.

Military: Andor's Legions wear the white colors of the Kingdom of Andor and their shields bear the heraldic Red Lion of Andor. They basically follow the pattern of the Arcadian Legion except for the inclusion of Drakes and Dwarven auxiliaries. Each of the four Andoran Legions (3 field, 1 'Praetorian' in Whitebridge) maintains an extra Cohort of Dwarves as well as a squadron of Drake riders and their mounts. The Andoran Coastal Drakes live in the cliffs of the Andoran and eastern Hellenic coast and are the size of a young adult Dragon.



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