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week 1: 27/11/2006
Official start of project "The Test Of Time"
SDR races linked to information database, plane descriptions linked to information database, busy with plane descriptions.
week 2: 07/12/2006
Busy with plane descriptions, race descriptions, specific race classes, feat and spells.
Next week will be the first time the Test of time campaign setting will be play tested, results will follow.
week 3: 11 dec 2006
Strange visitors from another world where reported to be seen in a Orc settlement, it appears they materialized out of thin air.
Week 4: 18 dec 2006 (overdue update)
Shocking encounter with the Orcs of the wastland, females appear to be in charge and have a magical way to stay in charge, orcs also seemed less barbaric.
All Orcs encountered appeared very shocked to see a Human, an Halfling and a Tri-kreen work together.

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