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Ancient Sliver: A fragment of forgotten technology, it appears as a long, narrow strip of pale white metal shot through with ragged blue-white vines. Alone it possesses no power, but when combined with other magical items or artifacts, its true might becomes known.

Special Bolster: augment any one effect of the item on which this is used, increasing ranged effects by an additional burst 1, or 1 square as needed. Damage increases by 1/5 of your intelligence score, and the attack bonus rises by 1d6+intelligence score/5. Lingering effects now last one additional round for every 12 points in your intelligence score (rounded down).

You can use only one shard for every 20 points in your intelligence score.

  • Shards can only be found in dungeons of a CR at least 1 point above your party's average.

Strong enchantment; CL 30; Weight: 3 lbs

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