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An'sorrak, Aeron R'roth's legendary blade dedicated to the destruction of the undead.
An'sorrak, as it is often called, is an epic blade forged of silvered adamantine with cold iron edges, and ornately detailed with accents of ancient bronze and gold. The fuller of the blade features deep runic engravings, clearly worked into the weapon by its owner. Most iconic of An'sorrak is its cross-guard, that of which features a fierce leonine visage resting upon a black onyx seat, bearing a pristine sapphire upon its head, with large paws extended. The firm leather bound grip of the grand blade ends in a pommel that is punctuated by a tremendous sapphire jewel, captured in the grasp of a beast's clutches.
An'sorrak is a adamantine greatsword that additionally has the properties of both a silver and cold iron weapon, but lacks the penalties associated with either. Treated as a +7 weapon and behaving as if it had a ghost touch enhancement, it threatens a critical on 18–20/×3, and has a hardness of 35, and hit points of that same value. The magical properties of the weapon being undead dread and a unique blue fiery blast which also ignites other enemies within 10ft whenever it deals fire damage; this blue energy wake, which travels at around waist level, is triggered by the fiery blast enhancement and does damage equal to the damage it dealt to the primary target to each of the additional targets individually. Whenever the instant destruction effect provided by undead dread is triggered, all undead creatures damaged by the blue fiery blast must make the DC 27 Fortitude save or be destroyed too.


Undead creatures which attempt to touch or wield An'sorrak are immediately struck by the undead dread effect as if they had failed their Fortitude save, bursting into blue flames and disintegrating rapidly into a pile of ash.
This weapon, in the hands of a Champion of the Ferine, counts as an Engraved Greatsword for the purpose of Expanded Class Features.

Strong (DC 35) Enchantment; CL 20th;
Activation: No Action Weight: 10

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