Amulet of the Falling Mountain (3.5e Equipment)

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A pendant of cold, icy white at whose center a bloody ruby gleams. It grants you two powers, but demands a high toll in return. Perhaps you shall pay it, or perhaps you will grow wiser before donning it. There is no going back once you have...

Amulet of the Falling Mountain[edit]

Wearing the amulet grants the user two powers:

  • Bloodrend: once per encounter, double your melee attack damage, and heal by this amount. If this exceeds your maximum, an explosion radiates out from your body in a burst 4, dealing force damage equivalent to the amount of stolen hp above your max.
  • Bloodplate: once per day, you can draw out thick plates of deep red stone, adding +6 to your armor class until it breaks. The armor breaks after you take your fortitude +1d12 in damage.

The Cost[edit]

Once you don the amulet, jet black thorns erupt from its chain, digging into your neck, crawling through your veins and staining them the color of starless nights. At the beginning of every other encounter you take 1d4+10 damage; at the end of the day, you take 1d10+your fortitude in damage. Every hour that passes without killing something reduces your maximum hp by 1d4+1, and every day that passes reduces your ac by 1d6+2. These penalties vanish when you sate its hunger.


The amulet is usually obtained as a quest reward. Its market price is 12,523,771 gold

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