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Amulet of a Lovers Protection: A heart shape Amulet that Replaces ones own heart letting one live of the pure love for another specific being and nothing else(to replace heart simply hold tightly to chest and think of your true love[it can only be removed if the previous owner is dead]). The user is transported to his loves location at will even across planes when ever there in danger and giving a plus +5 love bonus on saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks to get his lover out of danger.If the users love is killed the user must seceded in a will save DC 25 if a success then the user will find a new love (usually with in a month or so) if failed the User will feel a dark void take over his soul, take a slow descent in to homicidal Insanity making a Will save every two days DC 20 if fails the user will see his lover murder and or murderers(severity of this DMs derision) and will try to kill them with a +5 hate bonus on saving throws, ability checks, and skill checks to do so.

The Amulet was made by The Wizard Sir Jake Lanyard so he may protect his true love lady Elizabeth Green. It served him well for 35 years he was able to protect her till the Battle of Sir Raul the conquer where Raul was assaulting Elizabeth's keep While Jake fraught valiantly for his love it was soon for nothing for she was Hit in the head with an arrow. Seeing his lover dead in front of him drove him to madness in that battle there were no survivors For With Pure Hatred Jake slaughtered every living thing in that Battle even the civilians of the keep. Soon Seeing what he did he climbed to the tallest point on the keep and jumped leaving the rest to gravity. The Amulet still remains in his chest cavity in the ruins of Lady Elizabeth keep along with the corpse of the many who died in that battle.
Moderate Aura All schools; CL 19; Weight: 1 lb lb.

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