Amulet of Whispers (4e Equipment)

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Amulet of Whispers Level 8+ Rare
This small disc shaped amulet bears a thin circular blood channel along the edge that allows a single drop of blood to flow and fill the channel evenly.
Level 8 +1 6500 gp
Level 12 +2 12000 gp

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Power (Psychic) ♦ Encounter (Standard Action)
A single drop of blood activates the amulet's power granting the wearer the privilege of sending and receiving short messages (of no more than 25 words) to the ritualist who is bound to the amulet regardless of distance. Any message you send in this way can only be overheard with a successful arcana or religion check (the DC is the same as a listen check DC). You can sustain this power as a standard action to continue your message.

Note: Creation of this item is a closely guarded secret of the followers of the goddesses, Sissthus and Anesthia.

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