Amulet Of The Sun (4e Equipment)

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Amulet of the Sun Level + {{{rarity}}}
The stone in the center of the pendant glows vibrantly with the light of the sun, but soon fades at the coming of darkness.
Level 12 +2 16000 gp
Level 16 +3 24000 gp

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
♦ While wearing this amulet you have vulnerable 5 radiant and fire, but enemies take an extra 5 damage from your powers that have the fire or radiant keyword and from your attacks that deal fire or radiant damage. This property only functions while the amulet is in sunlight or for one encounter (or one hour) after the amulet has left sunlight. The amulet must be then be in the sun for one hour for this property to function again.


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