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The jade pillar

Domains: Life, Freedom, Protection

  • All life is sacred, respect and protect the sanctity of life. Stop those that defile this sanctity, whether they do it purposefully or not, but show mercy.
  • Many do not understand what they are doing is hurtful. Try first to make them see the error of their ways through gentle words, and if they continue on a destructive path wantonly then and only then, use whatever methods are warranted to restore peace and balance.
  • Everyone needs guidance in life, and we must be understanding of their situations.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Amatra mainly are taught to be kind. They ought to be charitable and are often understanding of even criminals. However, as part of the second commandment, Amatra's followers are not fans of second chances. Once scorned of their good will, they become wrathful upon the evildoers.


Most prayers to Amatra consist of poetry in Elvish. It is thought to please the Elfmother to hear whimsical verses. Most of these poems are collected into a single scripture. However, many prayers can be simple and improvised, so long as they keep to a theme of light-hearted emotion. For example, a person without scripture can make up a poem about the good parts of their day in Elvish to the goddess, and it would be acceptable.


Temples to Amatra exist in most elven population centers throughout the continents of Gaovannas and Amatarsha. She is beloved by most of her children but the Tamikaan Wood Elves seem to have a special reverence for Mother Wind. Temples are usually open-air gardens with decorative ponds, gazebos, and trellises also present are the birds, butterflies, and blooming flowers that are sacred to the goddess. In shrines to her honor, the Elfmother is often represented by a jade or wooden figure of a beautiful barefoot and bare-breasted elf maiden with long hair and hands held out in a welcoming and encompassing gesture. Sometimes she is represented by a tall jade pillar with organic, swirling designs carved into it. Followers of Amatra generally leave offerings of sandalwood incense, brightly colored bird feathers, chunks of jade, or lotus flowers at her shrines.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Amatra Elfmother is loosely allied with some of her brother and sister deities of the Vanir pantheon, Camshuman the Waterlord and Tarumac Earthfather in particular. Indeed, Tarumac and Amatra are occasionally lovers, though the relationship is just as often rocky and strained as not, and various lesser deties have been born of their many love affairs. Amatra and her brother Hondoshun, God of War and Thunder and father of the orkh race, are in almost constant disagreement. She sees the Highest Warchief as a reckless warmonger, and for his part, Hondoshun views the Elfmother and her children as far too soft. Hondoshun believes that he is doing Amatra and the elves a favor by causing constant conflict, thinking war will toughen them up equip them with the strength to survive. Amatra has few dealings with Rorxex, the Godsmith and fiery creator of the dwarven race, and both gods like it that way. Mother Wind has little dealing with the deities of the Aesir pantheon, aside from the Goddess of Light and Healing, Rashasael. The two are as close as sisters even though the Maiden of Succor hails from a distant cosmos. Both goddesses claim protection and life as their spheres of influence, and they and their respective clergies work very close together to stop the spread of evil, sickness, and wanton destruction in the world. Though she appreciates the ideals of reason and civilization that Rashasael's husband Thua the Judge embodies, she finds the Lord of Law to be too dour and focused on the letter of the law where she is far more concerned about whether or not it preserves happiness and freedom. Afterall, freedom is another of the Elfmothers sphere of infulence. She also finds Thua's hard-hearted neutrality more than a little disturbing.

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