All Hearing Mind (3.5e Epic Spell)

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All Hearing Mind
Psicraft DC: 30
Range: 100ft radius originating from the bearer
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will save
To Develop: "Seeds:" Contact (DC 23), Reveal (DC 19). Factors:" Reveal all thoughts/emotions (ad hoc, +20 DC), No power resistance (ad hoc, +40 DC), Change from target to 20ft radius (+10 DC), Increase radius by 400% (+16 DC), Permanent (x5 DC), Increase casting time to 100 days and 10 minutes (-210 DC), Delay the spell taking effect by 100 days (ad hoc, -200), Ritual with 5 psions contributing 80 power points each (-200 DC).

You attune your mind to a specific psionic frequency which allows you to listen to the thoughts of those around you. You are constantly aware of the thoughts and feelings of every living creature within 100ft. Each creature is allow a will save when they enter the radius of the power for the first time (DC= 20 + your relevant ability modifier), and if they succeed they are permanently immune to its effects, and they automatically succeed every save they make against this power. If they fail, they are permanently subject to its effects, and they automatically fail every save they make against this power. Once the creature moves out of the radius they cease the reading of their mind, although they still count as permanently failing or succeeding this power's save.

Due to the constant stream of thoughts entering your head, your psionic focus is counted as permanently spent while reading minds. Any creature that uses psionics can sense their mind being read.

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