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Rogue Subclass

Much like the assassin subclass, alchemists specialize in the art of killing discreetly (or not). The few rogues that choose this class are masters at using potions to control life and death.

Tools of the Trade

Beginning at 3rd level you gain proficiency with Alchemist Supplies and the Poisoners Kit with advantage on crafting Poisons and Explosives.

Professional poisoner

Also at 3rd level your knowledge of poisons shows in your skills, poisons you create applied to weapons don't lose their potency until used on a creature, and you have advantage on Constitution saves vs. poison. You are immune to the effects of your own poisons.

Basic poison

At level 3 you can craft a basic poison during a short rest or every 15 min of a long rest that causes 1d4 poison damage and applies the poisoned status effect on a failed con save (8+prof+dex) and half damage with no effect on a success.

Specialty poison

at every archetype feature including at third level when you chose this archetype you can add an additional effect to your basic poison

  • +1 damage die(can be taken multiple times)
  • add paralysis effect (con save for this effect is 4 + prof and dex when poison was crafted)
  • can craft inhalant poisons that explode in a 5ft radius, one creature hit by the inhalant effect takes your sneak attack damage dice, if you have not already used it this turn.
  • add blinded effect (con sav for effect is 8+prof and dex when poison was crafted)
  • add 1 hour to effect duration (can be taken multiple times)

Advanced pharmaceuticals

at ninth level not only are you able to poison you can also cure you gain proficiency in herbalism kits and can use half as much materials and time to craft a potion of healing, antitoxin or poison. Other chemicals still require your focus and time as they are unique in there kind and effect

Expert Alchemist

at 13th level you now have expertise in your profession and can apply twice your proficiency bonus to your alchemist supplies, poisoners kit, and herbalism kit on a nat 20 you can add an additional die to the item being crafted (Ie: 1d4 poison =2d4 poison, 2d4+2 healing =3d4+2 healing)

Quick crafting

you can now craft potions and poisons much faster at level 17and can craft 1 potion of healing, antitoxin, or 10 basic poisons during a short rest or 15 min of a long rest

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