Air Genasi, Variant (5e Subrace)

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Genasi Subrace[edit]

This variant of the air genasi subrace emphasizes the airiness of the race in relativity to their surroundings. Therefore, they do not hold their breath indefinitely. Rather, they move as though as fluid as the air itself.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Pass Wind. Air is a substance that can seep through any given surface. As an action, you can move through 5 feet of nonmagical material, so long as there is a gap at least 1 inch wide. When you do so, you leave behind any items you are carrying or wearing. You must end this movement in an unoccupied space. If you end your turn within an object or material you are moved to the spaced you entered originally.
Air Cushion. You don't take damage from falling if you fall more than 15 feet.

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