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Agile Close-Combatant Attack 1
After slicing through Ranewen's comrade the Minotaur finally turned it's attention to the nuisance archer. As it charged Ranewen held his ground until the Minotaur was within inches of his face and then, almost magically, he rolled up into a ball and tumbled sideways. The Minotaur charged headlong into the dungeon's stone wall.
At-Will ✦ Martial
Immediate Reaction Melee
Trigger: Attacked
Target: Self
Attack: Acrobatics (Dex) Vs. Melee Attack, +10.
Hit: If your Acrobatics check exceeds your opponents melee attack by 10 or more (depending on terrain) you may choose to tumble in any direction up to 5 squares away from your opponent. If you succeed this action counts as your attack on your next turn.
Miss: If you do not succeed you only attempt to tumble away from your opponent and as such this is treated as a free action on your next turn.
Effect: You either successfully tumble away from an attacker as it attempts to attack you or you attempt to tumble away from an attacker as a free action.

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