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Affect Mind (Cha; Force)[edit]

Check: The result of an Affect Mind check sets the DC for the target's Will save. [Note: Weak-willed target's are easily affected by this force skill.]

Result Will Save DC
Up to 4 5
5-14 10
15-24 15
25-34 20
35-44 25
45-54 30
+10 +5

Declare what you are attempting to do before rolling your attempt, you can perform two actions. Though more may be added.

Alter Perceptions: This creates a simple false stimulus, such as a fleeting sound or a false image, detected by a single person and lasting no more than a single round. It is generally used to distract an opponent, which can also have the effect of a feint [see Bluff]. Note that each additional target, beyond the first, of this effect adds a -2 penalty to the DC, making it easier for the target's to pass the Will Save. Cost: 2 Vitality
Suggestion: The 'Jedi Mind Trick', this effect let's you make an otherwise unpalatable suggestion seem perfectly reasonable to the target. Suggestions that can cause the target direct harm adds a -10 penalty to the DC of the check. Something that is suicidal costs a -20 penalty to the DC. The target won't realize later that what he did was unreasonable. Cost: 4 Vitality

Try Again?: Depends. You can attempt to affect the mind of the same target if the opportunity presents itself again.

Time: Affect Mind is a Full-Round action.


You can take 10 on an Affect Mind skill, but you can't take 20.

A character with the Mind Trick feat gains +2 aptitude to this skill.

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