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Tally's Hall (CR 5)[edit]

Adventure Background[edit]

After Dio Brando's defeat, his zombies and vampires spread themselves throughout some of the world's highest positions, particularly in the military. After George Joestar's death, the Speedwagon Foundation tracked down and eliminated most of them, but some got away. One particular example, a vampire going by the name Tally, was recently spotted in the vicinity of the players' home.

Adventure Outline[edit]

A classic mysterious stranger type approaches the party, being more than aware of their unique abilities, and tasks them with clearing out a warehouse under the guise of some "very special rats". The pay is half decent, a cool $5,000 each and anything they fancy in the warehouse, though it's clear that the "rats" pose a genuine threat to the party's life, as does the stranger himself should they take without completing the job.

If the heroes inquire about the job, John Doe informs them of the warehouse's prior use as a military storage facility. In the 1920s, JD's "associates" discovered quite a few "rats" in high-level government and military positions. With a successful DC 15 Charisma (Persuasion) check, the party can eek out exactly what he's talking about: vampires, whether or not the party believes him. These vampires in particular have been a thorn in his associates' sides since before their inception, but that's a story for another day. He suggests they depart as soon as they can, preferably before sunset. With another successful DC 15 Charisma (Persuasion) check, the party can learn exactly why they are being given this job: his associates know they're special, but they need proof before they can offer anything substantial, and this seemed like a good testing ground.

Finding The Warehouse[edit]

Even with the directions John Doe gives the party, locating the right warehouse among dozens of blocks of warehouses requires a bit of work. Once the heroes arrive at the given area, they still need to make a DC 17 Insight or Survival check to figure out which of the warehouses seems sketchy enough for someone hiding out to take advantage of.


If the heroes spend a lengthy amount of time searching for the party, a group of three bruisers round a nearby corner, clearly looking for trouble. With a successful DC 20 Charisma (Intimidation) check, they can be forced to stand down, and with a DC 11 Dexterity (Stealth) check, they can be hidden from, otherwise they intimidate the party before attacking. If the ruffians are defeated or intimidated, they will quickly give up information on their employer if asked; Tally, a little weirdo who happens to have a lot of money, and can be pretty persuasive if he wants to.

Entering the Warehouse[edit]

With the warehouse found, all that's left is to make their way through it. If the party uses the wide loading bays at the front of the building, skip this portion entirely. Otherwise, if the players attempt to sneak through a side door, they must unlock a lock with a DC 15 Strength (Athletics) or thieves' tools check, though the former is far more likely to alert the warehouse's inhabitants.

Either of the two side entrances lead to a dark, cramped hallway, either side comprised of racks lined with junk. The hallway itself is roughly 50 feet long, but only 5 feet wide. With a successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check, with disadvantage if the players do not use a light source, a player can find a flashlight, a modern handgun with 6 rounds, and a pair of binoculars. If a light source is used, three zombies can be seen perching at the top of the shelves, which immediately jump down and attack.

The Grand Hall[edit]

Outside of the cramped shelving hall lies a magnificent sight. What was once a dull warehouse has been converted into a grand banquet hall, with two great tables on either side of a beautiful car, all lit by candlelight. From here, it's clear that the various shelves that once occupied this building's interior were not simply pushed to the side; they were physically compressed into a high steel wall on either side, leaving just enough room for unsuspecting strangers to wander in. At the center of it all sits Tally, the thugs' employer, swirling a glass of red wine. If either trio of zombies were not dealt with, they join him in combat. If the party does not immediately attack Tally, he presents them with two options: become his zombie minions willingly or die by his hand.


The old car has a full tank of gas and seems to be in excellent condition. In its trunk sits 3 bottles of red wine and multiple packages of unidentifiable meat. With a successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check, an automatic rifle and 20 rounds can be found. John Doe can be found right where the party left him, and though his face and voice seem slightly different, he rewards the players all the same.

Baoh Returns (CR 8)[edit]

Adventure Background[edit]

Eight years ago, the Dress Organization was destroyed from the inside by one of their own inhumane creations. Recently, strange events have begun happening in a small city on the coast of Japan. The party, who has an established history with the Speedwagon Foundation, has been sent in to investigate and hopefully stop these occurrences.

Adventure Outline[edit]

As the party uncovers information regarding Dress's shady past and present, they discover that at one point dress was a part of the Speedwagon Foundation, during which many of their experiments were done. In the end they must choose to destroy all of Dress including innocents and the potential of a world-wide disaster, or to risk letting their highest ranking members go.

At the Harbor[edit]

The party is directed by the Speedwagon Foundation to meet up with a 17 year old Sumire, who doesn’t look like she’s been waiting long. She makes a vague comment about how she can “feel him out there”, but otherwise guides the party to walk along the rocky beaches for a minute before reaching a metal hatch buried among the rocks. Sumire explains that this is the last trace of Dress's main base; she was there when it was destroyed. She seems visibly shaken during the conversation, but understands why she needs to be the one to go.

The hatch deposits the players into a small cave. Most of it seems to have caved in years ago. With a successful DC 16 perception check, or by closing the hatch, the party can notice a light coming from one of the piles of rubble. After the rubble is cleared, the party discovers a small laboratory. The lab is empty and papers are strewn about, but there’s running power, and even food in a refrigerator (though some of it seems to have gone bad). Various vials of chemicals sit on a desk. As the party investigates the room, the discover multiple important notes:

  • Note 1 contains details on the Baoh parasite gathered by Dr. Kasuminome, particularly its intended use as a biological weapon, its ability to take over its host, and its 200 day life/reproduction cycle.
  • Note 2 consists of various "success reports" on various captured animals and 5 humans, recorded by Dr. Avril. Multiple creatures are used in a single experiment.
  • Note 3 is a communication from "Mask" requesting more experiments in order to accelerate their schedule due to the "deterioration of Subject Zero".
  • Note 4 is a list of requested supplies including food, more electricity, various chemicals, and dog food.

As the party wraps up their investigation, one of the cave walls collapses as a pair of Baoh dog bursts through and attacks. Roll for initiative. After 3 rounds, the cave begins to collapse, forcing each creature in the room to attempt a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw, taking 9 (2d6 + 2) bludgeoning damage on a failure at the end of each of their turns, and it's made clear that the . After 5 rounds, the whole cave collapses on top of any creatures still in the cave, rocks fall everybody dies.

Wrap Up[edit]

If the party escaped the cave, they may return their findings to the Speedwagon Foundation and request supplies in the form of a single Rare item, two Uncommon items, or four Common items that are delivered immediately. That night, roll 1d20 twice and have each player choose 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, or 16-20 (each player must choose a different option). If one of the players' chosen numbers is rolled, they are attacked by one of the Baoh dogs, though they flee after being reduced to half their maximum hit points. They must attempt a DC 14 Perception check. On a failure, they are surprised by the attack.

The next day, SPW analysts return to the party with their findings: power was being pulled from further into the city, not from the harbor nearby. Additionally, using sightings of trucks moving supplies around the harbor, they were able to narrow their next location to an office building near the heart of the city.

Primary Laboratory[edit]

By all accounts, the party's destination looks like a normal office building, even on the inside. However, with the input of a code using the elevator's keys (6347), the players are able to access a secret basement. Sumire can be convinced the party with a successful DC 12 Persuasion check, knowing that she should go even if she doesn't want to.

The first floor basement is a concrete cube lined with large, transparent tanks filled with a thick, green liquid. In the center of the room sits a cage much larger than the others which seems to contain a bed, weights, and even some magazines, . On the other side of the room is a door. The doors of the facility are armored, giving them 30 hit points and a damage threshold of 15, and can be picked open with a successful DC 20 Sleight of Hand check.

Closer inspection of the tanks reveals an unsettling sight – human bodies suspended in a greenish liquid, connected to tubes and wires. These individuals seem to be in a state of suspended animation, kept alive but dormant by the strange fluid. Each tank bears a label containing a number from 2 to 13, a "start date" (some dating back to over 4 years ago), and an "augmentation" (some labeled "psychotelemetry", others "bio-engineering", and a handful are labeled "Baoh control"). The players can also find a recording device containing an audio log of a "Dr. Avril" complaining about "Mask's" tight deadlines and limited understanding of his experiments. Touching a tank causes the person within to awake and begin to panic, but removing them from the tank causes them to die less than a minute later from an apparent heart attack.

The second floor basement is dimly lit, its walls and floor unfinished in rough stone, and appears to be a prison of some sort, and they hear various shrieks as they enter from the stairwell. Some of the cages are filled with animals, others are filled with strange amalgamated beasts, and 5 of them are filled with humans. Three of the humans are children: small, scared, and malnourished; two are adults that look at the party with hollow eyes, apparently unable to speak after their tongues were cut out; and the third lies an adult-sized skeleton, small pieces of muscle still having from its bones. On the far side of the room stands a large man in a white suit, a smiling gold mask covering his face. He congratulates the party for making it there, but informs them that they don't need any more test subjects or guards. As the door slams in front of him without him moving a muscle, many of the cages throw themselves open, swarming the party with four medium beasts, two sap spiders, and a Martin clone.

In the third floor basement, white floors and walls reflect bright light in all directions, and various medical beds are lines up against the walls. In the center, a relatively small man in a lab coat begs the large man, who he identifies as Mask, to give him more time, but Mask simply states that he himself will survive activating "Subject Zero", and Dr. Avril is not nearly as individual a resource as he believes himself to be. The conversation ends with Mask throwing the doctor to the ground and going through yet another door. If the party attempts to interrupt the conversation, two Baoh dogs jump out from beneath the medical beds on either side of the room and attack. While the dogs will not prioritize Dr. Avril, they treat him as a threat just as they do the players. If Avril survives, he begs the party to let him live, that he wants to go back to the Speedwagon Foundation, potentially filling in the party on all members of Dress both current and past to have been part of SPW, and that they were only booted when Baoh destroyed their main facility on the coast.

The final room would be identical to the third floor basement main room save for the lack of overhead lights. Instead, the room is bathed in a cool blue light from the large cylindrical case in the center of the room. Strange worm-like creatures writhe among the tank, nearly filling it to the brim. As the party enters the room, Mask circles from the back to the side of the tank, gloating about how beautiful "Subject Zero" has become. As he places his hand on the tank, the worms flock to the edges of the tank, allowing them to see the face of a young man half-covered in the same growths as the Baoh dogs. If Sumire is present, she immediately identifies him as Ikuro Hashizawa; by now he's 25. Most of his body, at least that can be seen, is eaten apart and covered in circular growths; Baoh eggs.

Mask explains that the newborn parasites react to his "new, enhanced body", and that if the containment cracked even a little, the city would become overrun by monsters in a year at the latest; the office workers in the upper levels would become deadlier than any bomb. He explains that he knew SPW would come for him, even implying that members of his organization have infiltrated the foundation, but it doesn't matter, either Dress's experiments continue or he condemns Japan to an eternal plague of parasites; he even humors the idea of returning to his position as a high-ranking SPW member, just as he was before Dress splintered from the foundation.

Ikuro can be awoken with a successful DC 20 Persuasion check, which Sumire has advantage on, breaking him from his detached state, though involving Ikuro in the fight would likely break the glass, freeing a swarm of Baoh.

If Mask is reduced to 10 hit points or fewer, he uses any of his following turns attempt to crush the tank. Additionally, behind the tank lies a large hexagonal object; one final failsafe if Baoh were to escape outside of Mask's control. The blast of the failsafe would level the building and completely burn everything inside, ensuring the deaths of not only the parasites, but Ikuro himself and anyone not evacuated. Activating the failsafe also locks down the elevators, meaning someone needs to stay as a sacrifice.

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