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Eyes of Heaven: Prelude[edit]

This adventure is intended for a party of 2-4 players that begin at 3rd level, working their way up to 17th level. It covers a "what if" scenario in which DIO succeeds in eliminating the Joestars before Stardust Crusaders can begin. Be aware that this follows a somewhat rigid story structure. If operating with 1 or 2 players, Jackson should accompany the party in most chapters, unless the Chapter X path is taken.

Chapter 1: Hospital[edit]

New York City, 201X. The party awakes in a small hospital ward with nothing but their personal effects (i.e. clothing, wallet, lighter, no actual equipment), remembering only vague flashes of bizarre clothing and an arrow piercing their throats. Suddenly, a weathered, 30-somethings, disorganized man wearing an ancient detective's outfit bursts through the door. He introduces himself as Jackson (using Speedwagon's stat block), an agent for a legal authority called the Speedwagon Foundation, and orders them to follow him for their own safety. Traveling through the almost silent hospital, they encounter no life whatsoever as Jackson explains that their attacks were caused by a man named DIO, and that he has most likely sent henchmen after them.

Reaching the main floor, they meet a man lounging lazily at the front desk watching the elevator/stairs. He appears to be of Italian heritage, wears a black, puffy coat, faded jeans, no shirt, and a menacing aura, and introduces himself as Antonio Zeppeli (using Mountain Tim's stat block). He offers them a place under DIO, and threatens Jackson, who seems shocked and implies that he wouldn't act like this. Should the party refuse, Antonio attacks, and the party continues to Chapter 2. Should the party agree, Jackson attacks, and the party continues to Chapter X: Path to Heaven. Once combat begins, Stand Users awaken their Stands, and creatures without levels in the Stand User class (who still lack their option Stand feature(s)) can see them.

Chapter 2: Speedwagon Foundation HQ[edit]

After defeating Antonio, Jackson explains that he was a close friend, and that he is being controlled by a flesh bud created by DIO, a vampire. Should the party question it, he'll question if their own various powers are any more bizarre. A creature attempting to remove the bud must spend an action to attempt a DC 16 Dexterity or Strength saving throw, followed by a DC 16 Acrobatics or Athletics skill check. If they fail the saving throw, the creature with the flesh bud inside them dies instantly. If they fail the skill check, they must attempt a DC 16 Dexterity or Charisma saving throw or be charmed by DIO in the same manner. A removed flesh bud has 5 in all ability scores and 15 hit points, regenerates 2d6 hit points at the end of each of its turns, is Tiny, and can only use its action to reinject itself into another creature in the same manner as you using this feature without the spirit point cost. The flesh bud counts as undead and is vulnerable to radiant damage.

Jackson leads them to a small auto repair shop and reveals a wall in the back room to be an elevator. Riding it down, they arrive in a sprawling underground facility that is covered wall-to-wall in a single sheet of pearlescent, sanitary ceramic. The corridors are filled with armed guards in uniform and scientists of any description, most wearing a t-shirt and shorts under their lab coat. Jackson tells them to follow the signs to whatever they need, including lodging, armory, mess hall, infirmary, etc., handing them flimsy, paper access cards with his name and the SWF logo on it, and to meet him in meeting room 3b in at most 1.5 hours.

  • Lodging - The party arrives at a T-intersection. To their left is a healthy-looking old man with a ring of fluffy white hair above his ears wearing butler garb named Isaac Beatle behind a desk made of the same material as the walls that has no seems or doors. He asks for room arrangements before handing them various keys: 321-324 for single rooms, 440-442 for doubles, 511 for a triple, or 603 for a quad room. If asked how he got back there, he will demonstrate how effortless it is for him to simply flip over the side of the desk by his palms. He offers kindly conversation, but doesn't know much about the ins and outs of SWF, only the inns. Each room is less of a barrack and more of a hotel setup.
  • Armory - The party arrives at a thick metal door with a closed eye slat with a paper sign reading "OPEN!!". Inside is a bottom-half-ceramic, top-half-cage room barely large enough to hold 5 Medium creatures. Beyond the cage is wall after wall of swords, guns, explosives, armor, and any other type of non-vehicle munition. The armory is staffed by a gruff, scarred man about the same age as Beatle, though with more hair everywhere, clad in matching olive green pants and tank top. After reading their SWF ID cards, he introduces himself only as Sarge and offers them the basic operative allowance, as well as more substantial SWF ID cards. This equipment can be exchanged or refilled at any visit.
Players get 6 points.
1 piece of Common or mundane equipment costs 1 point.
1 piece of Uncommon equipment costs 2 point.
1 piece of Rare equipment costs 3 point.
1 piece of Very Rare equipment costs 4 point.
1 piece of Legendary equipment costs 5 point.
10 pieces of ammunition cost 1 point less than the weapon (minimum 1).
10 pieces of special ammunition cost 1 more point per additional effect (i.e. [[Semi-Armor Piercing Bullets (10) (5e Equipment)|Semi-Armor Piercing Pistol bullets]] cost 1 point, [[Armor Piercing Bullets (10) (5e Equipment)|Armor Piercing Pistol bullets]] cost 2, [[Hellsing Special Ammunition (10) (5e Equipment)|Hellsing Special Pistol bullets]] cost 5.
  • Mess Hall - the party arrives in a large room filled with finely-crafted, wooden, six-seat tables with a sectioned-off alcove containing an abundance of foods of various types, all exquisitely prepared. Each of the tables has at least two people at it. The first time they choose to eat there, half way through their meal the hall falls silent. A group of heavily-armed soldiers walk into a small room adjacent to the food bar. If the party asks about them, one scientist at the party's table will explain that they are a unit of cyborgs created during the Cold War from some technology only the top member of the Cyborg Division and above is allowed to know. Beyond that, they can glean one piece of the following information of the SWF once per visit:
  • Most SWF members live their current life in the compound, but get payed pretty well.
  • SWF is dedicated to the research, and containment or destruction should they be dangerous, of supernatural phenomena.
  • SWF is an extranational authority, making them above and in control of the law, but tries to stay out of their countries' affairs. Such authorities are commonly called New World Orders by the public, but the cagey, deniable nature of them makes their existence appear as a threat to everyday life, despite there being no reason for any of them to do so.
  • There are 2 other NWOs, [Hellsing Organization], and [[1]].
  • The layout of who controls what is as so:
Created by Ref3rence.
  • Jackob's unit has had at least 10 casualties so far, and are somewhat pitied by the members of SWF.
  • Infirmary - Save for a morgue and a set of 12 rooms, each with two beds and various life support equipment, the infirmary isn't much to look at. Yet another old man, this one wearing a tightly wrapped lab coat, introduces himself as Doc. Most injuries are healed by ingesting a small vial of flesh-colored liquid that instantly turns to dust in the sun, if it takes radiant damage, or if it is exposed to UV light. If they ask what it is, with a DC 16 Charisma (Persuasion) check, the party is told that it is a distilled byproduct of Santana. If they ask if it is used for anything else, with a DC 18 Charisma (Persuasion) check, they are told that all of the food is made of the same substance, though distilled less. If they ask where it comes from, with a DC 20 Charisma (Persuasion) check, they are told that there is effectively an independant Santana tumor held inside the infirmary that is constantly being distilled, but that it doesn't have any form of brain.
  • Meeting Room 3b - Jackob and Antonio sit at the far side of a twelve-seat round table. Antonio now acts incredibly lackadaisically, and explains that DIO's flesh buds seem to be evolving, as even after it was removed, he can no longer call out his Stand or walk unaided. There, he explains that the well known, billionaire real estate magnate Joseph Joestar was reported to have died of a heart attack in 1985 in his New York penthouse. However, in reality, SWF was the first on the scene, and came across a gruesome scene; Joseph's eviscerated, drained corpse. In a hidden compartment, they found a set of photos showing a man SWF clearly knew as Dio Brando, who's history he tells them. Since then, Stand users and disappearances have been popping up everywhere in New York, indicating that Dio is still somewhere in the city. Rocks Anne enters the room, introducing herself as a part of the DIO Investigation Unit with a handshake and taking a seat. She explains her Stand and that she has already memorized their number, and goes into detail about the fact that they have been at a dead end for the past few months.

Chapter 3: Warehouse[edit]

In the early morning, the party is awoken by Rocks yelling at them to get to 3b. They enter the room to the sight of all 3 other members sitting silently, glaring at the open phone on the table. Jackson nods at them to play the most recent voicemail. The deep, sensual voice of DIO echoes through the speaker:

"You're searching for me, aren't you? I propose we call a cease-fire. Your interference only serves to annoy me, and I'm sure the loses on your side only drain your superior's faith in your success. Meet me, and we'll discuss the terms of our agreement."

After a moment of silence, the room is filled with blaring static. Rocks explains that the intel division had decoded the static into a set of coordinates leading to a piece of abandoned industrial sector on the coast. Antonio casually mentions that it's probably a trap, to which Jackson replies that it's the only lead they have.

After an hour's walk through the bustling streets of NYC, they are met with the crashing waves of their destination, flanked on either side by rusted, 3 story workshops that haven't seen use in decades. Entering building 32, they are met with a silent, eerie interior. Boxes scatter the floor, busted and emptied from the top, a small fan creeks occasionally from the wind. Two staircases lead to a terrace, with two staircases in the middle of the building leading to the second floor. The second floor is half the first's size, filled with rusted workbenches. Light streams through a window blocked by rusted metal slats. Walking up a small staircase, they are met with the checkerboard-covered third floor, a street thug seated in a throne flanking them. He introduces himself as Blue Sky (using the stats of a Commoner). He begins by marveling at how interesting it is that a high-ranking NYC gang boss would snitch on his own weapons deal, which should be happening nearby.

He answers any questions asked,

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