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Here are some possible adventures in the middle ages.

General Europe[edit]

  • Repel Norsemen.
  • Rescue kidnapped princess from Norsemen. Go to Denmark.
  • Rebelling cities in Spain need help against the Moors.
  • Transport a Bible from Ireland to its new home.
  • Recover a holy artifact or relic.
  • Quest for a legendary holy item (the Holy Grail, the Spear of Longinus, Ark of the Covenant, etc).
  • Fight Arab slave traders.

Francish Empire[edit]

  • War with Saxony
  • Rebellion in Aquitaine
  • War with Sarcens. Building the Spanish March.
  • Helping rebelling cities in Spain
  • Repelling Norsemen
  • Campaign against the Loombards
  • Campaign against Bonevento
  • Arab (Saracen) Naval Raids
  • Lost Merovingians reseek the throne of the Francs
  • Help Pope Leo III to escape his imprisonment and reach Charlemagne.

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