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Included here are a variety of adventure and quest seeds, akin to the Dungeon Master's Guide's "One Hundred Adventure Ideas". As in the DMG', these are meant as spur-of-the-moment adventure seeds, or for generating ideas for your own campaign. The seeds presented here are separated by era, and indicate which faction best suits the mission. If you have any suggestions, put it in the discussion of this page, and I will work it in on the main page.


(Nod) The Temple of Cairo is under attack by the Templar, and needs assistance

(Lenin) A new faction, the Brotherhood of Nod, has emerged. What do they believe?

(Templar) Kriss Amucire lead an attack on a previously unheard of group. Was the attack justified?

(All) A small hamlet, known as Tiber, has discovered a mysterious crystal

(Nod) The Templar's attack on Cairo killed hundreds of brothers. Retribution for their deaths is justified


(Nod/Templar) Leningrad has been left isolated by Tiberium, but with the recent development of Tiberium Field Suits, the Templar and Nod are preparing an expedition to reestablish contact

(Templar) A Temple of Nod is besieged by mutants. Help rebuild relations with the Brotherhood by rescuing the brothers being held hostage

(Forgotten) Life in isolated Leningrad has become unbearable. A new group is trying to resist the tyranny of Kairn Werzel

(Nod/Templar) Tiber, where Tiberium was originally discovered, has undergone radical transformation. The Brotherhood and Templar are organizing an expedition to investigate the area

(Lenin) Rumors hold that someone is forming a militia in Leningrad. Stop them before they do any harm

(Forgotten) The Empire of Lenin has again refused reparations for the survivors of the Leningrad Isolation. The Forgotten have decided to retake the land where so many friends and family had died

(Nod/Templar) Mark Coolidge of the Forgotten predicts Tiberium will overtake Vasuda in a few years time. An expedition has been organized to find an artifact that may save Vasuda

Firestorm Crisis[edit]

(Nod) A deadly Artificially Intelligent Construct, dubbed Cabal, has gone rogue. It must be destroyed before the Templar learns of the experiment

(Templar) The Brotherhood has tampered with the gift of sentience, and their experiment is preparing to attack Rome.

(Nod) While Cabal is mired in Rome, deactivate the monstrosity and capture its core CCMCD


(Nod) The Templar has betrayed the brothers sent to Madagai, and war has begun. A Shadow Team is being sent to Evega to destroy ammunition stores there

(Templar) The Nod have begun using armed vehicles against knights on the battlefield, but the Church is developing their own battle vehicle. Secure salt deposits in the Notchston Mines to fuel Templar's vehicles

(Forgotten) The Second Knights' Templar - Nod War has spread through the streets of various civilian towns and villages. Keep fellow mutants safe from the waging war

(Nod) The war is going badly for the Brotherhood, and the Inner Circle is fleeing to Czechoslavakia. Defend the convoy against Templar attacks

(Templar) The Order of the Star has divined the Nod's Inner Circle is fleeing. Capture them, so that justice may be meted out

(Nod) The Inner Circle has made it to Czechoslavakia, but has yet to arrive at a secure outpost. Protect the convoy from wild animals

(Templar) The Inner Circle has been been captured, but Nod officers are making a last stand in Sarajevo. Because vehicles can't negotiate the rough terrain, a team of knights must infiltrate the fortress


(Nod) The Brotherhood is ready to enact the Final Prophecy, but needs the Templar's Ion Cannon to be ready as soon as possible. Help the knights gather the materials necessary to the completion of the weapon

(Templar) Sightings of possible Nod remnants have increased in Czechoslavakia. A team is beign assembled to eliminate these last refugees

(Nod) The Brotherhood is almost ready to attack, but the Templar's industrial base will allow them to create vehicles faster than brothers can destroy them. Disable several factories, without arrousing suspicion

(Templar) The Nod have resurfaced, but their headquarters has been discovered in the Desert of Nod. Defend a representative of the Order of the Star as she prepares an Ion Strike against this fortress

(All) Months after the Ion Strike, Vasuda is under attack. While there is virtually no chance to stop the Invaders, hold them off so that civilians might escape


(All) Twenty years of domination has left people convinced the Scrin are invincible. Convince the surviving populace the Scrin can be defeated

(All) The Brotherhood of Nod always had the best knowledge of Tiberium and the Tacitus, so it stands to reason they will know about the Scrin in greater detail than other survivors. A Temple in Czechoslavakia is believed to hold the Nod's Tacitus

(All) Retake the Ion Cannon and destroy the Scrin's Mothership

DM's Note[edit]

After the Aliens were repelled from Vasuda, the world was still in tatters. The entire remaining population were Tiberium mutants, and the entire planetary infrastructure had been destroyed. There was no organization beyond the Templar and the Nod, and there was no telling if they would still cooperate with each other. Most of the remaining population had spent twenty years as hunted animals, and many have spent the entire time avoiding anything that moved.

The situation was not entirely lost, though. Much of the Scrin technology had been left intact, and could possibly be reverse engineered. Vasudans now had three heroes to rally behind. While the growth of Tiberium had rapidly increased during the Scrin Occupation, Sonic Emitters could still reverse the growth of the deadly crystal. The Brotherhood and Templar proved they could work together for a mutually beneficial cause.

The options for play at this era are limitless.

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