Advanced Secrets of Glamour (D20 Modern Feat)

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Advanced Secrets of Glamour

Prerequisite: Alchemist 3rd level, Knowledge (Physical Science) 6 ranks
Benefit: An illusion you creature through the ‘Secrets of Glamour’ class-ability applies touch and texture to the senses affected. If all the senses are used in an illusion (sight, smell, sound, and touch) add a +4 to the save DC for that effect. You also can create illusions outside your range of vision (such as behind you) at one-fourth the range as long as you have a general idea as to what’s there, and do not need to keep constant eye-contact with any such illusions. You still must maintain concentration as normal.
Normal: An illusion created with ‘Secrets of Glamour’ without this feat cannot replicate the sensation of touch, nor create an illusion beyond 'range of sight' and must keep eye contact with the illusion in order to maintain it.

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