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Notice from the Editor[edit]

Alright, I appear to have once again underestimated myself and done what seems to be generally considered a damn fine job here. But, help in tuning the fine points is always appreciated and nothing will be deleted on sight- just if it's spammish or really seems out of place.

To clear up any confusion, though its history is vast, Ricasa campaigns are meant to be played at a 16th-18th century level- the MSRD's Progress Level 3 describes it perfectly. Archery has just died out. Guns are new, expensive, and bulky. Cartridges, rather than ball and shot, are the most common ammunition, but still use black powder as a propellant. For all intents and purposes, the sword is still king- but it's about to be hurled, violently, off the throne.

The important thing to remember is that, while this campaign is for all intents and purposes a serious campaign that any hardcore player could have a blast in, it's also not intended to take itself all that seriously. It's not a "cameo of the week" thing, either- more of a fun poke in the ribs of all the old stereotypes and standbys of D&D.

Also, I'm gonna toss in a few helpful tips for the DM here (one for now, maybe more later)- anything that doesn't deserve a full section. Each of the eight human countries in Ricasa have their own specific feel to them, which can be matched up to some real-world countries.

Table: Country Cheat Sheet
Country M. Common Race People Real-World Counterpart Nickname Official Armed Forces Gen. Alignment
Bastion Humans Bastites Israel (Dutch sound/look) Ironhills Bastion Armed Forces, BDW security teams Neutral Good
Calthoras Humans Calthorans Russia The Starlands, the North The Star Knights, Cal. Militia Lawful Good
Canadia Humans Canadese England/Ireland/Canada Kingdom of Insanity, Kingdom of the Sun Crown Legions, Canadese Army, C.A. Shock Troops Chaotic Good
Capraht Humans/"Evil" Races Caprahti None "There", the Lost Lands The Black Army Lawful/Neutral Evil
Kalantar Elves Elves None the Forests, Elflands Unknown Lawful Good
Lamelloth Humans Lamells Poland The Plains Army of the Plains Lawful/Neutral Good
Malania Humans Malanese United States The Silver Duchy Border Guards, Gray Knights Neutral Good
Opridenik Dwarves/Humans Oprids None The Cliffs Tunnel Watch Lawful Good
Serlithana Humans Serliths Germany The Southlands, the White Country The White Army Lawful Neutral
Styalenuth Humans Styaleni Sweden None Merchant's Council Commando Forces, Styaleni Militia True Neutral

(Interestingly enough, the White Army and the Black Army have never even come close to fighting as of yet- the White Army focuses to the east in their squabbles, and the Black Army doesn't really have a focus. Maybe someday.)

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