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Sample Chem Price: 000; Craft(Pharmaceutical) DC: 00; Fort DC: 00; Recovery Save Amount: 0

Effect: The effects of the chem. The effects are accumulative.

Duration: The duration of the effects of the chem.

Overdose: What (if anything) constitutes an overdose and its effect on the character.

Withdrawal Effects: The effects of withdrawal the addict suffers if having not taken the chem within the Satisfaction Period.

Jet Price: 25; Craft(Pharmaceutical) DC: 25; Fort DC: 25; Recovery Save Amount: None, character must find antidote.

Intended Effect:

Immediate - +4 Initiative, +2 Strength, +2 Spot, Search, Listen skill checks.

5 minutes - -6 Initiative, -5 Strength, -4 Spot, Search, Listen skill checks.

1 day - +2 Initiative, +3 Strength, +2 Spot, Search, Listen skill checks.

Duration: 1 day.

Overdose: If more than 2 doses are taken at a time(i.e. effecting a character), they suffer 1d6 Constitution damage.

Withdrawal Effects: -2 Strength, -2 Spot, Search, Listen skill checks, -2 Initiative.

The Addiction The characteristics of certain forms of addiction are summarized on the table below. Upon initial exposure (any time a character imbibes or applies a drug with an addiction rating), the character must succeed on a Fortitude save or become addicted. A drug has a satiation period, which is the length of time a single dose remains effective in a character’s system. The chem description will list the Fort DC, Satisfaction Period(Duration), and Withdrawal Effects.

Satisfaction - Each time a user takes a drug to which he is addicted, he is satiated and staves off withdrawal symptoms for the period of time indicated under Duration. Whenever the satiation period expires before the user takes another dose, the DC of the Fortitude save to resist damage (see below) increases by 5. The dose that causes a character to becomes addicted counts for the purpose of tracking the satiation period.

Withdrawal Effects - An addicted user who is not satiated takes the indicated penalties unless the character succeeds on a Fortitude saving throw. If he makes the saving throw, he resists the damage for the Satisfaction Period(Duration) before having to make another, failure results in taking the penalties.

Recovery - If a character makes an amount of successful saving throws in a row equal to the Recovery Save Amount, he has fought off his addiction and recovered, and takes no more penalties from Withdrawal Effects!

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