Ackbar's Proving Grounds (3.5e Spell)

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Ackbar's Proving Grounds
Transmutation [Earth]
Level: sor/wiz 9
Casting time: Full Round Action
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./lvl)
Area: All creatures and terrain in range
Duration: Until one person or group remains.
Saving Throw: See Below
Spell Resistance: Yes

As the incantations leave your lips, the ground groans in agony as the earth is transformed. The terrain is transmuted into a dangerous field that if survived, could prove the worth of anyone.

There are 4 arenas that could happen when this spell is cast.

1-25% Under Clutch
26-50% Aerial Faith
51-75% Frozen Waiste
76-100% Molten Death

Under Clutch: This is arguably the most favourable arena. The surrounding area remains largely unchanged, except that is is forcibly pulled down into the earth, with the ground closing ontop of it. The only light is the light brought down with it, and the giant mutant incandescent mushrooms. Don't worry, they're literally just regular giant poisonous mushrooms. If a creature hits it, they are exposed to it's spores and must make a DC 23 + 5/round fortitude save to not be infected and have giant mutant mushrooms grow out of themselves. These spores can be blown, washed, or even burned off. They cannot be transferred to a different creature by an infected creature before the mushrooms have taken growth. They emit an eerie light 20 ft. around them. It takes the mushroom 1 round to grow to full size once the creature fails their save. Any creature with a STR less than 20 cannot move for they are pinned. Otherwise they will only move at half speed. They must make a DC 20 + 2/round fortitude save as they mushroom feeds off of them. If they fail, the creature's HP drops below 0. They must continue making fortitude saves until they fail again, and die.

Aerial Faith: Everyone in the range of effect must make a DC 23 + 5/round fortitude save or be teleported 5 miles into the air where a group of storm clouds has solidified. No cloud is more than 10 ft. apart and can be any shape. If a creature falls off, they must make a DC 20 reflex save to 'grab' onto a cloud, or fall. Once they are beneath the storm clouds, they are struck by lightning every round of falling. In addition, each lightning strike dispels any spell that would prevent them from falling if it was casted by a caster that was a lower level than the one who casted Ackbar's Proving Grounds.

(Optionally: At DMs Discretion, anyone who is not in contact with the clouds, i.e. flying creatures, are also struck by lightning each round.)

Frozen Waste: This transforms the surrounding area into a harsh snowbound environment, where everyone must succeed a caster check or be frozen instantly. Giant crystals of ice will form that if they were touched, the creature must succeed a DC 23 + 5/round in contact with it or be frozen instantly as well. Frozen creatures are helpless, and if knocked over, may shatter. Crystals are prominent in this environment, and are usually 10 ft. wide and 20 ft. high.

Molten Death: This transforms the surrounding area into a lake of lava with many different sized platforms of stone. The lava is about 950 °C (flesh melts at roughly 300 to 400 °C mind you). Anyone falling in requires a fortitude check of DC 23 + 5/round to not die, (which continues even after getting out). The lava has a swim DC of 20. If a creature dies, they are considered disintegrated. No platform is further than 10 ft apart.

Creatures who are immune to fire or heat are not affected by lava.

Much of the new terrain is up to the DMs discretion. This spell cannot be casted in air.

Material Component: An object that once belonged to a fallen gladiator.

  • This is a fun game changer, and can have all sorts of effects if done within buildings, or in the centers of towns. Don't fall in yourself though! The caster is just as vulnerable to the spell as everyone else.

Variants Chosen. You can choose the arena you want.

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