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Accomplished Attacker [General, Fighter][edit]

Throughout the ages, since the dawn of time, many brave warriors have risen to fame and glory. After many, many battles, so to shall you. Taking this feat allows your character to add their ‘Glory’ to their attack and damage, putting their very name and pride into every swing.
Benefit: The character gains Glory. Glory is based off of their fighting prowess. Add together your base attack bonus, the score which determines your attack modifier (strength, dexterity, etc.), and divide by 5 (rounded up). This is your Glory, your honed skills realized. Add this to attack and damage.
Special: If your character relies on a different score for the purpose of damage rolls, replace the score in your Glory with that score, and add the new Glory score as additive damage. A Fighter can take this feat as one of his Fighter Bonus Feats.

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