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Abyssal Spidersilk (Armor Material)[edit]

Abyssal Spidersilk is a lot stronger than any on the material plane, it also maintains it's fire resistant qualities indefinitely once it's been enchanted. Acquiring this material is obviously the difficult part, the typical method of doing so requires summoning a bebilith and controlling it to spin you some thread and sending it back before it tears everyone apart for the arrogance of such an act.

Abyssal Spidersilk is 1500Gp for a full suit adding +5AC, DR3/Magic, resist fire 5, +7 max dex-mod, -2 armor check penalty, 10% arcane somatic spell failure, is considered non-metallic light armor weighing 10lbs DC20 Craft (Weaving) Abyssal Spidersilk Full-plate utilizes some of a Bebilith's carapace as well as tanned portions of it's flexible leg parts as part of the weaving of the armor granting much heavier protection; 4650Gp, +10AC, DR5/+1, Resist Fire 10, +4 max dex, -5 check, 35% spellfail, 25' speed (of 30') 35Lbs, Heavy armor Craft (Weaving) DC25

There are also Epic level Variants to reflect the skillcraft; Epic-crafted Abyssal Spidersilk armor (Lt.):26500gp, +5AC, DR 5/-, Resist Fire 5, +15 Max.Dex, -0 check, 0% spellfail, DC30(weaving), 10lbs. Epic-crafted Abyssal Spidersilk Fullplate(Hvy.): 61500Gp, +11AC, DR8/+2, Fire Immunity 75% of the time (roll 1d4 on a 1 the wearer takes all but 10 of the fire damage), Resist Fire 10, +7 max Dex, -2 check, 10% spellfail, 25'move, considered medium armor, 25Lbs, Weaving DC 35.

Also there is an Epic-only underamor that must be fitted to it's users skin as a full bodysuit DC28(Weaving) that adds +3AC and weighs only 3 Lb's and may be worn by a monk without inhibiting their skillset for a cost of 1150Gp

Abyssal Spidersilk has 25 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 12.

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