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Abyssal Murderer[edit]

Do not speak to me of control, of discipline, regulation. I am the spawn of the most bloodthirsty creature in all of creation, I was born to end lives and I intend to do that
—Thryx, Gnoll Ranger, Fury of the Abyss

Prerequisite: Gnoll race

Gnolls are the children of hyenas and the beast of butchery, Yeenoghu, and are known to be just as savage as their patron Deity. You are a knoll, someone who feels rage as a living, tangible force waiting to be released on everything within your sight. Though you struggle to maintain control, the beast inside wants release, and in combat, you do just that. You are an Abyssal Murderer, a paragon of savagery and killing. Enemies quiver in fear when they meet your gaze and stand immobile as you move in for the kill. You are an embodiment of murder, and may the Raven Queen have mercy on your next victim.

Abyssal Murderer Path Features[edit]

Killers Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action that is used to attack, that attack does an additional 1d6 damage + your dexterity modifier.
Murderous Motivation (11th Level): When you bloody a foe you gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls against it
Locate by Scent (16th Level): When you target creatures you can ignore cover and concealment, but not superior cover or total concealment

Butchers Assault Abyssal Murderer Attack 11
You move in and attack your enemy with unmatched savagery
Encounter Star.gif Martial
Standard Action Close burst 1
Prerequisite: Gnoll
Primary Target: one creature
Attack: dexterity Vs. reflex, 4.
Hit: 1d10 damage
Miss: half damage
Secondary Target: another or the same creature in the burst
Secondary Attack: dexterity Vs. reflex.
Hit: 1d8 damage
Tertiary Target: a different or same creature in the burst
Tertiary Attack: dexterity Vs. reflex.
Hit: 1d6 damage

Killers Intent Abyssal Murderer Utility 12
Though grievously wounded, you use the bloodlust inside you to stay on your feet
Encounter Star.gif Martial
Minor Action Personal
Prerequisite: Gnoll
Effect: you gain temporary hit points equal to your highest ability modifier

Free the Beast Abyssal Murderer Attack 20
You no longer limit the hidden savagery inside you, letting it out like a tempest of fury and violence to tear your foe to pieces.
Daily Star.gif Martial
Standard Action Melee 1
Prerequisite: Gnoll
Primary Target: One Creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. reflex, 4.
Hit: 1d10 damage and the target is dazed
Secondary Target: same creature
Secondary Attack: dexterity Vs. will.
Hit: 1d10 damage and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls against you
Tertiary Target: 1d10 damage
Tertiary Attack: dexterity Vs. fortitude.
Hit: 1d10 damage and the target takes ongoing 5 damage

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