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Abyssal Drow[edit]


Abyssal Drow are trained to act as the ultimate Drow among other races, and therefore are charming and charismatic. Their personal natures, however, vary greatly. Despite this, they are typically given to a certain level of bloodlust. They are, as rule, still refined and noble – all one has to do is meet an Abyssal Drow, and that person will understand all that is meant by being “born better.” Because they are used to “getting their hands dirty,” however, they are surprisingly down-to-earth. Although they are masters of deception, deceiving is merely part of their trade. Most Abyssal Drow are brutally honest, but also quite genuine when not doing their work. They are invariably perfectionists, although also cynics, and see uncompromising critiques as a route to improvement, not a means of insult. They measure people not by their social standing or by what they can do, but by their mind and spirit. Because of this, they are completely comfortable breaking social norms, and rather enjoy doing so. Abyssal Drow hold a special place of disgust for people who are pretentious or think they are more important than they are, as well as people who are incurably foolish. They may tolerate such people if they see a point, but otherwise someone who falls into a category they deem so annoying and useless will likely end up lifeless as well.

Physical Description[edit]

Due to their transformation, Abyssal Drow are larger than normal Drow, despite often being weaker physically. Males average 5'11"-6'4" and weigh around 200 lbs.; females average 5'5" and weigh around 140 lbs. They share their races normal features, except their eyes glow slightly and may be any color. Additionally, they are extremely attractive -- according to nearly all bards, they are the most beautiful humanoid race. Their beauty suggests the influence of their clerics’ divine power being exercised during their transformation rituals, and literally imparting to them a supernatural attractiveness. They attract suitors, courtiers, paramours, admirers, and lovers with ease, almost unconsciously – the bards also say that there is not a town that does not carry the bloodline of these Abyssal Drow.


Despite being associated with the Drow, their polished demeanor and beauty help to blend them into other cultures. Most races are more willing to associate with Abyssal Drow than normal Drow. That said, they are deeply respected...but also treated with care from fear of their power.

The Abyssal Drow themselves are trained to hold no prejudices on the whole, but each individual will form their own opinions. They tend to regard themselves superior to other races, though some more judicious Abyssal Drow suppress this mentality for the sake of social relations. The Abyssal Drow display an unnerving lack of concern for life, often engaging in acts of murder, slavery, or even genocide if they see fit. They form relationships well, but typically keep them only somewhat personal – many who consider themselves the friends of Abyssal Drow are merely the unwitting tools of them instead. If, however, an Abyssal Drow chooses to forge a close bond with someone, they prove themselves such remarkable companions that even dwarves have a proverb: “With the Abyssal Drow – a horde of devils could not out do their ire, and a host of gods could not out do their love.” Because of their agelessness, the Abyssal Drow tend to be cynical about matters, but therefore find particular pleasure in finding something that is still worthwhile in life.

Abyssal Drow vary greatly in their personal behavior. Typically, however, they are fond of pleasure, seeing one of the main blessings of their near-immortality as the enjoyment of all that life has to offer. Among their pleasures, however, they usually keep alcohol/drugs to a minimum since such affect their ability to think clearly and therefore their ability to make use of their powers. Among their many pleasures is the leverage of their uncanny good looks to acquire company wherever they go – either for merely some songs and celebration, or other diversions. As an interesting note, their agelessness, wanderings, elven language, and inherent beauty (which applies to their voices as well) combine to make them popular advisors and friends for bards.


Abyssal Drow can be of any alignment except Lawful. Typically, however, they favor Chaotic alignments. The transformation they undergo is traumatic, killing most of the trainees who are subjected to it. They never speak of how they were transformed, but cannot be Lawful. They can behave lawfully, but doing this would be nothing more than an act. They can be either good or evil to suit their personality. Commonly, Abyssal Drow are neutral as they tend to shift their alignments over the years depending on where they are living and what has captured their interest.


It has been said that there is not a land without at least one Abyssal Drow…and many more of their off-spring. Since they are endowed with a natural wanderlust, this tends to be the case. Interestingly, you will rarely find them among the Drow themselves, since they serve little purpose in that community. If they do remain with the Drow, it is invariably in the role of an absolute ruler/military leader.


Any. While some Abyssal Drow do reserve honor for traditional Drow deities, they typically adopt whatever religions will be most advantageous for them on all accounts. It is not uncommon for Abyssal Drow to change their religions many times over the course of their existence.


Abyssal Drow are trained to know Elven, Undercommon, Drow Sign, and Common. They can learn any languages, however, and regularly are known to be fluent in all known languages, even the most rare.


Many will retain their Drow names -- more typically, however, they will choose for themselves a new name after their transformation, although it will almost always reflect their Drow heritage nevertheless.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • -2 Strength, -2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: The transformation undergone by Abyssal Drow remains a process under sworn secrecy. It is known, however, that those few who are durable enough to survive to become Abyssal Drow have had their minds and bodies intensely strained. This has weakened them, although their new powers more than compensate.
  • Outsider (Native, Elven, Incorporeal): Abyssal Drow possess two bodies – a corporeal, material body that has been transformed into being an Outsider, and an incorporeal body (see below). When beneficial, even while incorporeal they retain their other subtypes.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Abyssal Drow base land speed is 30 feet: Abyssal Drow are lithe and fast. They move at the same pace when climbing.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Abyssal Drow are proficient with a whip, longsword, and their own Abyssal Weapons (see below)
  • Armor Proficiency: Abyssal Drow are proficient will all light and Abyssal Armor (see Below).
  • Spell-Like Ability: Abyssal Drow can use the following SLAs up to three times a day — True Seeing, Invisibility. Caster level is the same as character level. The save DC is Wisdom-based.
  • Automatic Languages: Elven, Drow Sign, Undercommon, Common. Bonus Languages: Any.
  • Favored Class: Any.
  • Level Adjustment: 0
  • ECL: 0

Transformation Progression[edit]

Abyssal Drow undergo their transformation at the age of 130, but their powers take time to fully change their being. As such, they gain their abilities as they progress through life.

Level 1:

  • Abyssal Beauty (Su): Abyssal Drow are incredibly beautiful/handsome – supernaturally so. Because of this, the attitude of all intelligent beings that are not already hostile are automatically less hostile/more friendly to them. This is treated as if they had immediately succeeded in a Diplomacy check to improve attitude. They improvement is by one step more friendly. This effect can only be applied to any individual creature once.
  • Abyssal Senses (Su): Abyssal Drow are extremely acute by nature. In addition to their 120 ft. Darkvision. They are immune to anything that affects their senses (blinding, dazzling, deafening, etc.). They gain +8 bonuses on Spot, Listen, and Search checks.

Level 5:

  • Abyssal Weapons (Su): Abyssal Drow can create incorporeal weapons at will as a move action (except the Abyssal Dagger, see below). They can only have one of these (including weapons that are created in pairs or with ammunition) in existence at any point in time. If they stop wielding the weapon (drawn/readied/in use), the weapon vanishes. While in existence, the weapon can be enhanced or altered as normal, but loses all effects upon ceasing to exist. Feats can be taken for Abyssal Weapons like normal weapons. All Abyssal Weapons have no weight, and are treated as dealing incorporeal touch and incorporeal ranged touch attacks. Abyssal weapons must be of a size usable by the Abyssal Drow wielding them. Abyssal Weapons can be created and used by only the Abyssal Drow, and can be wielded in any form. While using an Abyssal Weapon an Abyssal Drow cannot possess any corporeal weapons (including Ghost Touch weapons).
  • -- Abyssal Bow: This is a bladed composite longbow. It deals damage as normal for its size, and its blade can deal 1d4 melee damage. The quiver and arrows are also incorporeal. Arrows are created as needed by the quiver. Range is as normal.
  • -- Abyssal Blades: These are a pair of dual scimitar-like blades. For purposes of damage they are treated as scimitars. Because they are tied to the Abyssal Drow’s own powers and forms there is no penalty for dual wielding.
  • -- Abyssal Dagger: This dagger can be created as a free action. For all other purposes consider it a dagger as normal. It can be thrown, but after impact immediately vanishes.

Level 10:

  • Abyssal Armor (Su): Abyssal Drow are constantly cloaked in this armor. It can be shifted to take any appearance desired (robes, plate armor, clothing, etc.). It gives an AC bonus of +5, no penalties, and enables them to Hide in Plain Sight. It is weightless, and can be worn only by the Abyssal Drow. It can be worn in any form by them. Abyssal Armor prevents the wearing or using of any corporeal armor or shields, even if they would normally be able to do so. Abyssal Armor is considered clothing for all normal purposes (such as sleeping in armor – because it is clothing it would incur no penalties). If corporeal armor/shields are used, the Abyssal Armor loses all benefits, and becomes merely a set of black clothes.

Level 15:

  • Abyssal Body (Su): Abyssal Drow can switch their consciousness to an incorporeal body as a move action. Their physical body and all of their worn/carried gear (except for Abyssal Weapons/Armor) are instantly shifted into a pocket dimension (they lose any benefits or bonuses from equipment or gear worn until they return to their Corporeal Body). While incorporeal they possess all of the characteristics of being incorporeal, with the addition of their racial Supernatural Abilities. An Abyssal Drow can use this body as many times a day as they please, but cannot spend more than a total of four hours in this body. Attempting to exceed this total time results in damage to their special state, forcing them back into their physical body and leaving them exhausted. Abyssal Drow can only use Abyssal Armor/Weapons, non-physical weapons (such as psionic blades), or incorporeal-compatible equipment (such as Ghost Touch weapons) while using their Abyssal Body. They gain the following additional benefits.
  • -- Telepathy: Their Abyssal Body is capable of telepathic communication to any beings within 15 feet.
  • -- Telekinesis: Their Abyssal Body can use telekinesis on anything within 15 feet. Maximum weight is 100 lbs. This can be used to cast spells that require material focus, or to use items that require touch. There is no limit to the duration or usage of this ability.
  • -- Incorporeal Touch: Their Abyssal Body gains a natural attack of 1d6 from an incorporeal touch attack.
  • -- Incorporeal Flight: Their Abyssal Body can hover as well as glide in any direction at their normal speed (30ft).

Level 20:

  • Abyssal Life (Su): The Abyssal Drow are screened and selected during their childhood. Upon reaching adulthood at 110 years old, they are initiated into twenty years of training. At the age of 130, they are escorted by elite clerics and wizards into the farthest reaches of the Underdark, and subjected to the Rite of Transformation. This begins to work upon them immediately. Upon completing their transformation (provided they survive), they become partially immortal. Their physical bodies must still eat and drink and trance as normal Drow, and they can still be killed as normal; they cease to age, however, and will never die if they are not killed. Additionally, they become immune to all diseases, natural or magical.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Starting Age: Abyssal Drow do not undergo their transformation until the age of 130 (Adult), and therefore cannot be started before this age. They are naturally ageless, however (See Abyssal Life above), and therefore can be played at any age beyond this. They gain the benefits of aging as normal Drow, but do not incur the penalties.

Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 10" +1d6 160 lb. × (1d10) lb.
Female 5' 4" +1d6 90 lb. × (1d10) lb.

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