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Absolute Death
Spellcraft DC: 39
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard action
Range: 1500 feet
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude save
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 351,000gp, 14,040 XP, 7 days. Seed:" Slay (DC 25). Factors:" Affect additional 160 HD (+16 DC), reduce casting time to single action (+20 DC), increase range by 400% (+8 DC), no spell resistance (ad hoc, +40 DC), +60 to save DC (+120 DC), soul of target is erased completely (ad hoc, +30 DC), affects constructs, undead, celestials, elementals, and aberrations (+10 DC), 13,000 XP burn (-130 DC), caster's Wisdom reduced to 0 (ad hoc, -100).

The absolute death spell was created to be the ultimate instant finish for spell casters. Multiple spell casters have used this technique to vanquish gods, and consequently any being who learns this spell also learns the wrath of revenge-driven gods. The caster creates a force which transcends negative and positive energy, supplying it's power with purely their own will force. The force eats through everything, almost ripping apart the fabrics of reality itself. The unlucky foe who it is set upon (With a Maximum of 240 HD) is given a single Fortitude save (DC = 80 + caster's relevant ability modifier), and once it fails, it's entire body and soul are eaten by the force. After the target has been completely eliminated, the force dissipates. Immediately after the force dissipates, the caster's Wisdom is reduced to 0, due to the strain of the spell. They regain lost Wisdom points every subsequent extended rest equal to a quarter their level, rounded down.

A being killed by the Absolute Death spell has their soul (or anything similar) erased, and they cannot be brought back to life or communicated with, even through epic spells or powers. They are not sent to any afterlife, or anything similar. If their soul (or similar essence) is not connected to the body, the soul is unaffected. The trauma of one's body being annihilated is quite intense, however, and the soul makes a Will save (DC 25) or lose half, rounded down, of their ability scores. This lasts until the soul takes the equivalent of an extended rest.

Drawback: The caster's Wisdom is reduced to 0.

XP Cost: 13,000 XP

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