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A once diverse world; lush, peaceful, and idyllic, Shekastkoré is now a place of turmoil and troubles. Slavery, piracy, lost civilizations, and the undead hordes plague this world. Elves, dwarves, orcs, and halflings struggle for life against overwhelming odds and intrigue created by one human. Living or dying all comes down to a choice.

Why I Did It

I know a numerous amount of you have had those friends that have sworn off DnD forever because of a poorly written campaign or a Bad DM. I chose to make this campaign setting to allow for more creativity on both my part and the characters part. Also giving it more of a console style feel. The story and the characters actions are paramount. I've felt that this will help some of my friends come back to the fun times.

If you chose to use this setting that's awesome. Make sure to email me with your characters and exploits and hopefully I can write a chronicles of Shekastkoré and publish it on here.

Thank you for your support


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