Ablative Force Layer (3.5e Equipment)

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Ablative Force Layer: This enchantment adds a micro-layer of supernatural force between an armor and the character wearing it. This layer links the armor and the character allowing the AC bonus of this armor to apply to touch attacks.

When this enchantment is added to an armor, all AC bonuses from that armor, and only that armor, are added to touch AC.

The cost of this enchantment is variable based on the type of armor. For light armor, it is merely a +1 bonus. For medium armor, it is a +1 bonus and an additional 1000gp. For heavy armor, it is a +1 bonus and an additional 5000gp.

CL 6; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Cost +1 bonus/1000gp +1 bonus/5000gp +1 bonus

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