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When Saint Ferraz was called from the outer realms to face Gur'Guroth, he brought with him a host of around five thousand celestials. The crossing made the celestials either male or female, and many had relations with mortals. The descendants who hold the celestial spark are Aasimar.

All celestials under the rule of Saint Ferraz were forbidden to have relations to mortals those who disobeyed were put in the front line, making Aasimar children often orphans. The strict rule and severity of the Saint alienated many celestials and some left with their children.

Often noble, since their parents find more in common with a well dressed and clean partner, Aasimar have found their place in the world of humans and Dwarfs without much struggle.

Aasimar Lands[edit]

This newcomer race has no land of their own, but many of them have made their home in the Dukal Republic of Serral.

The celestials were first brought to Astrian lands, but the severity of Saint Ferraz rule made more than half of the Aasimar and many of their parents move to Serral at some point in their life. The Serralese city of Lorno boasts the highest Aasimar population, counting well over 3000. Recognized as race of the highest status, together with humans, elves and dwarves, they are an active part of the Serralese government as most of them were born to or married in noble families.

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