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Aalbintite is a rare metallic stone that is found along the sea floors throughout the world, making it a particular challenge to mine. Most individuals will have never heard of this type of ore due to the difficulties in extracting it. The ore itself has a pink hue. One of the primary uses for Aalbinite is for magic suppression as it possesses natural antimagic qualities.

Aalbintite functions as if encompassed by an antimagic field; Any object that is made mostly or entirely from Aalbintite will generate a field of 5ft per size category. The metal itself is lighter than normal steel but not as light as mithral; Weight is reduced by one-quarter (1/4) and armor check penalties are lessened by 1. Due to its antimagic nature Aalbintite can not be enchanted, however it is pursued for a variety of tasks such as manacals or other options to imprision spell casters.

Aalbintite has 15 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Aalbintite Metal Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +15,000 gp
Medium armor +35,000 gp
Heavy armor +50,000 gp
Shield +20,000 gp
Other items +5,000 gp/lb.

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