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Encounter: A lost soul[edit]

  • CR 1/10"/10" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 1.
  • Integration While traveling in Cēcí N'est forest, you stumble upon a man weilding an iron staff with a purple crystal at the tip of it.
  • Prep Time 1 day
  • Play Time Any time


The man's name is revealed to be Fynn. An immortal Warmage, he travels through the dimensions in search of his Fellow Acari, who disappeared mysteriously 2000 years ago. He asks if you want some bread and afterwards (you must be a Mage) you can ask for a duel. He is easygoing, but very precise and isn't to be angered for fear of an inwinnable battle. When you first find him, you have the element of surprise, and have the option to attack.




Play like a random Encounter with hostile Mage, use diologue pre written. Upon attacking the man, play the player's attack standard, but then say that the man rolls out of the way. In the duel, Fynn can use any sensible magic. And if you lose, you do not die or lose items.


Fynn's reward: defeat Fynn in the duel, and receive the choice of either a staff, or a one of three summon spells. The staff, is iron, but weightless, has infinite durability, and can use any level Warmage, warlock, hex blade, reaper, dragon shaman, or Acarian spell.

Spell 1: Summon Galagus Spell 2: Summon Dark Spell 3: Summon Orion Pix

  • WARNING! The summoned people/creatures can be angered and are always leveled 35 levels above either you, or the enemy you pit them against.

Also, they CANNOT carry items for you, as they carry their own, and you cannot: summon more than one at a time or more than once every 3 days, or you'll lose the summon, and will have to duel the summoned character in order to re-acquire it for use.

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