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Aëthár, the Blade[edit]

Aëthár, the Blade, is a truly legendary sword. It is said that it was forged by the elven gods themselves as the ultimate weapon. Aëthár, the Blade was forged to be wielded by the High-elven Elfking to lead the elves to war against the Daemonic hordes. Aëthár, the Blade is a unique weapon that only the true Elfking can wield. The first wielder of Aëthár, the Blade was slain by one of the Daemon Princes, but survived by infusing his soul to the blade. As such, it is also an intelligent magic item that advises it's wielder in the destruction of evil.

Aëthár, the Blade is a +15 acidic blast anarchic power axiomatic power defending dragon/humanoid (orc/goblinoid)/outsider (evil)/undead dread fiery blast ghost touch holy power icy blast keen lightning blast mighty cleaving mighty disruption sonic blast speed vorpal longsword, even though not all of these powers can be applied to longswords. Aëthár, the Blade deals 4d6 damage rather than the normal longsword damage and its keen ability increases its critical threat range to 16–20/×4. It weighs 1 pound.

A character who is not the true Elfking who tries to wield Aëthár, the Blade takes 40 negative levels that remain as long as the weapon is in hand and disappears when the weapon is no longer wielded. If this causes the creature to have more negative levels than it has Hit Dice, or would otherwise reduce the creature's hit points to 0 or less, it is instantly slain as though by a sphere of annihilation. (A rod of negation offers no protection against this.) When the true Elfking weilds this weapon, he takes no negative levels, even if his alignment would cause him to take negative levels from the anarchic power and axiomatic power of Aëthár, the Blade. An evil creature or character takes 20d6 damage if it tries to pick up, carry, grab or wield Aëthár, the Blade for every second he is touching it (this does not affect the amount of damage Aëthár, the Blade deals). The damage is applied after the negative levels.

Aëthár, the Blade is an intelligent magic item, due to the it having the soul of Aëthár, the first Elfking, within it. It has an Intelligence score of 39, a Wisdom score of 32 and a Charisma score of 42. It can detect evil at will, allows the wielder to use evasion, and grants the wielder the Cleave and Combat Expertise feats, can cast cat's grace, bull's strength and heal on the wielder once per day, and can cast chain lightning for 20d6 damage (DC 32) twice a day. Aëthár, the Blade can communicate with its wielder via telepathy, and can speak any language.

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