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Universe Specific Classes[edit]

As a universe of guns and plasma, one can reason that such things aren’t specifically covered in the PHB. When creating a character, traditional classes will appear out of place, as listed below. Instead, consider the following homebrews:

  • Gunslinger (excluding preacher subclass, see equipment tab)

Sorcerers, Wizards, and Warlocks, Oh My![edit]

As a purely physical world, classes and sub-classes that use magic are generally not allowed. Granted, in certain incredibly rare cases, it would be reasonable to reflavor such a class to resemble the technological mastery of a Forerunner, but to include one in your campaign would cause numerous lore and role play issues, so proceed along this path with caution.

The Forerunners, and later the unindexed prometheans, gained a mastery over the physical world. This gave them the ability to manipulate matter, read minds, and other such effects similar to magic. When creating a character with spell casting, proceed with caution. It will be treated with hostility by all creatures, human to Covenant, save for the unggoy, who will treat you as a god and rebel against their san’shyuum masters.

When Was the Last Time You Saw a Sword?[edit]

While not necessarily impossible, traditional classes such as fighters, and barbarians don’t exactly fit the setting all that well. One wouldn’t necessarily take on a squad of gun-toting aliens with a sword. Rangers and rogues could make an amount of sense as a drafted Amish individual or special operations unit, but such options wouldn’t be recommended.

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