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The savages of the Great Plains and the Sweltered Grasses have played a role in keeping the people West of the Divide as hardened warriors, not giving them a chance to build up walls with their raids and savagery. On the flip side, the cities of the Sweltered Grasses already have their walls sturdily built, and the presence of these tribal berserkers keeps the Eastern folk inside of the safety of their walls, rendering most of them soft, and unused to battle.

Saying they are savages is not to say that they lack intelligence-- they are quite organized, and have even found their way over the walls of East Athelaran on occasion. Each time, the head of the Guards, Captain Lukas Selmy, has revised ways to fight them off and keep them off.


The Bards of Scheinflamme are trained well in the form of stories, with history and record keeping being the main point of the dramatized stories that they tell. They are mostly a nomadic people, travelling from town to town and spreading the legends of yore by the word of mouth- which surely gets twisted and exxagerated over time. They frequently take apprentices in their travels, and bring them back to Scheinflamme, where the newfound apprentices recieve tutelage while protected by the patronage of the respective bard that recruited them.

After undergoing a strict course in the history of the world, they learn to twist words and sounds together into a tale fit to entertain the gods, and begin their own nomadic journey, to keep people reminiscent of the legends of old.


Clerics- the last vestiges of the voice of the gods. Without these holy vessels, the world would be lost in chaos- as the church controls most of the world, and keeps it in check accordingly with what their gods want. They are most all affiliated with the church of the dying sun- a monolithic tribute to the celestial lord of the universe, Stellar. Each and every one of them is a vessel that is directly in contact with at least one or more of the minor deities, with the head of the order being said to have contact with the lord himself- Stellar of the Dying Stars.

Clerics often have no news of the doings of the church, and set out on their own, to find people in need. Generally, a cleric will stop at a town, and decide to stay there. Oftentimes this means living out the rest of their lives as a small villages dedicated holy man.


The Druids are mostly wildfolk who grew to the decision of protecting nature from anything- even if it ends up with the foe being their fellow man. They worship and protect the world of Nature with its gods and creatures, loving all beasts and their lords.

Although the common conception is that Druids must live in the forest, this is untrue, with many living in the sands of the great divide, the grasslands of the Great Plains, and even among the ashen boulder of the Deadlands.

Druids are generally nomadic folk, who travel the world and commune with nature, ensuring that no damage is done that is irreversible. They are a wondrous order of people, with many mysteries that hide from outsiders sights.


The common fighter is a life led by many, with some being associated with the fighters Guild, based in Orath'Nahar, on the Western side of the Great Divide.

Even the common folk of Darenfell may be associated with- and trained by, the fighters guild. It is best to be wary of everyone as a criminal, for you never know who you may wrong. Anybody could be the wrong person.

These people are generally of their own order, and some even try to live their lives normally, despite never keeping a weapon far from their side, whether it be used to protect what they love, or they just can't stand the thought of going out of practice. It is always an ever present part of their lives.


Monks are a small and secretive order, that manage to turn their sheer will into actual power. They are not like Wizards or Clerics, Warlocks or Paladins, they are an independent warrior who draws their power from within their own soul, building upon it and expanding it until they can exact the will of their own contemplations.


The Paladins empower their blows and decisions using faith in their respective gods, serving them to enact their will and keep the world safe. Most Paladins are devoted to a specific God, and develop their faith as an extension of themselves, to be used, both as a weapon, and a tool of good.

Each Paladin favors righteous behaviour and morals.


The Rangers that venture across Darenfell and are from the many different guilds and factions, all have a common goal- to safeguard Darenfell from threats- both seen and unseen. The have spent hundreds of years building their order and becoming accepted within all of the well known cities and organizations. They have a network all across the expanse of Darenfell, from Eastern Athelaran, to Scheinflamme in the Great Divide, to Winters Fist in the Horncot Mountains.

They were there at the beginning of the collaps- albeit much smaller in number, and higher in skill. However, the rangers of todays age are still nothing to be scoffed at. They are survivors of even the most extreme situations, and able to track even the smallest of creatures through a rocky mountain pass. As well as being masters of combat, be it melee, or with a bow and arrow.


Not any common thief or bandit is called a Rogue. Rogues kill and steal as an art form, with a certain grace that your normal person could never match. Dexterously moving from shadow to shadow, dagger in hand as they prepare to hatch their schemes with stealth in mind. If you are not careful, they could steal your bed from under you while you're sleeping, and you'd never know until you woke in the morning.

There have been whispers in small towns of a shadow passing through in the night, robbing all of their riches right from under their noses, and vanishing come sun up.


A very, very small few are born with an innate ability to use magic. They are, when their aptitude is noticed, normally abandoned and called devils among men. As such, even fewer of those who are born with that talent make it past childhood. Those who do survive, due to lack of proper guidance and parenthood, turn into figures of mass destruction, and sometimes are used as weapons in war.

A smaller few still discover ways to properly control their power, and as such become dangerous forces that can take on even the most dangerous of creatures.


An unseen force lurks in the void, wrapping the planet in it's cold embrace. It reaches down and touches the sleeping soul of one with the potential to become an instrument of it's will. The patron reaches down and touches gently, in search of a contractor, to sow chaos, peace or many other vices. The unknown nature of the magic of the world allows other planes to tear open holes into it easily, and as such, warlocks are easy to slip into power, but oftentimes don't, due to the superstitious nature of the world and it's populace.

These warlocks have a great and terrible power, oftentimes even far more powerful than the most powerful of Wizards and Sorcerers, although also far more mysterious.


A scholar of what little arcane knowledge is scattered throughout the world, and searching in an effort to uncover new knowledge and ways to harness the arcane. The small wizarding community that exists within Eastern Athelar oftentimes sends out envoys in search of magical sites and objects, wondrously studying them and trying

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