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If necessary please use the "Watch this page" checkbox before creating the page. Keep in mind "my preferences" → "E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed". Your username or IP address will be recorded in the new pages history for authorship purposes.

If you are on an edit page of an existing page or seeing an "oops" message that means either that page name is already used or you forgot to add the name of the page.

Fill in the values after the equal signs, and replace the comments or half-comments (the text starting with <!-- or <!- and ending with --> or ->) with your own descriptive text or the required text.


The table below shows the coding for the dice symbols D6 (1).png, D6 (2).png, D6 (3).png, D6 (4).png, D6 (5).png, D6 (6).png, and the power symbols Basicmelee.png, Melee.png, Ranged.png, Close.png, Area.png;

Symbol Coding
D6 (1).png {{1}}
D6 (2).png {{2}}
D6 (3).png {{3}}
D6 (4).png {{4}}
D6 (5).png {{5}}
D6 (6).png {{6}}
Basicmelee.png {{BM}}
Melee.png {{M}}
Basicranged.png {{BR}}
Ranged.png {{R}}
Close.png {{C}}
Area.png {{A}}

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