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Racial Traits
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Physical Qualities

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Attitudes and Beliefs

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Roleplaying a <!-Race Name->

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<!-Lead text.-> <!-Description. Why does this roleplaying point relate to the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for characters of the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for the party?->

<!-Lead text.-> <!-Description. Why does this roleplaying point relate to the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for characters of the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for the party?->

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Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
(Domain) Power of Vengeance The power of vengeance imbues your attacks with extra power and lets you strike at the heart of your opponent's will, assisting you on your crusade by granting Divine Retribution.
Aasimar Lineage ancestral smite 1/day, resist cold 3 + 1/2 level
Aberrant Heritage A long slimy tentacle protrudes from some part of your body.
Absorb Ritual After having mastered a ritual, the Makari can absorb it permanently.
Absorptive Gel Your internal gel absorbs shock and dissipates energy, reducing the damage to vital organs.
Accelerating Avian +1 Speed
Acrobatic Leap You gain a +2 feat bonus to Acrobatics. In addition, you may use your Acrobatics skill instead of Athletics when jumping.
Adaptability Erid can manipulate the energy within them to adapt to any given situation or environment.
Additional Overlord Speciality Some Overlords are Extremely Talented.
Airborne Retreat Shift immediately when you are bloodied.
Alchemist Sniper You gain greater expertise in your usage of alchemical weapons on a new way.
Alter Weaves You can twist your weaves to trade accuracy for power.
Ambush Strike Your ability to take your prey by surprise leaves them unable to properly react.
Ancient Rakshasa You gain the memory of a thousand lifetimes power.
Angelic Presence Your divine presence awes your foes.
Aquatic Adaptation Your shell is now more streamline and can move far easier in the water
Arachne's Weave Arachne weaves her webs to trap your foes.
Arachnid Trainer Your knowledge of spiderkind gives you insight into training arachnids.
Araneidae Aspect You have the weaving ability of the araneida.
Arcane Cuts You increase the potency of your Covenant of Chaos.
Arcane Gift You gain proficiency with an implement of your choice, a +1 feat bonus to hit with implements, and access to two wizard cantrips.
Arcane Shield You can create a barrier on instinct to protect you from your foes' attacks.
Argent Swarm When you use your "Argent Soul" encounter power, you may teleport 3 squares and gain combat advantage against any enemy you target with an attack until the end of your next turn.
Armor Proficiency (Spidersilk) You are trained in spidersilk armor.
At Home in the Deep
Attack Recharge Through concentrated training you learn to make better use of one of your encounter attack powers.
Auto Restart Even when defeated, you will inevitably rise again.
Avern Soul You gain the avern racial power.
Avern Stunter Avoid opportunity attacks while flying and land safely when falling.
Azer Lineage
Barbed Claws Your claws are weapons
Barbed Tail You slap prone enemies with your spiked tail.
Bariaur Lineage One of your parents was a bariaur, and you have inherited some of their power.
Base Modron At some point in the past you were a base modron, and have their resistance to positive and negative energy.
Battle Link A bloodied ally assists your attacks and you heal them in return.
Beast Mastery Bonus to skill checks handling Beasts.
Beauty of the Elves You are wondrous and fair to look upon.
Benthic Dive Teleport instead of shift when using Benthic Reversal
Beshadowed Mind You can cause damage and block a target's line of sight.
Bird's Eye Target Designate a quarry when you draw a weapon
Blackfire Touch You can cause fire and necrotic damage with your touch.
Bladeling Lineage One of your parents was a bladeling, and you have inherited some of their power.
Bladeshock Mechanism Two small blades of a custom shape fly through the air from your chest, spinning through the air and implanting themselves deep in your foes.
Blessed Faerie Even when your Faerie cannot help your allies defeat the enemy, it channels your deity to help them stay on their feet.
Blood Awakening Few races have blood as strong as the iejirisk. In order to gain the full power of their ancestors, they have to deviate from their current profession and focus on their innate abilities. Once they have tapped into their draconic heritage, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Blood Frenzy You gain a bonus against Bloodied enemies.
Blood Hunter You thirst for the blood of a certain type of creature.
Bloody Hiss You fuel your poisonous breath with your rage.
Body Shield You grant allies a bonus to their AC.
Bog Cloud You can invoke the power of the marsh to summon a Bog Cloud.
Bone-Breaking Whip One swift crack of your tail or swipe of ur claws can shatter bones and dislocate joints.
Bound Disguise
Breach As an adept swimmer, you can leap up like the other majestic animals of the sea.
Brightscale Your scales gain yet another property thanks to your ability to adapt.
Brute Fang Your fangs have the power of the theraphosid.
Bugbear Lineage You have the natural bushwhacking ability of one of your bugbear parents.
Bullywug Lineage One of your parents was a bullywug, and you have inherited some of their power.
Burning Blood Immunity to fire and additional fire damage with metal weapons while bloodied;
Butchering Expertise
Cage of Gloom With a successful hit you can make a secondary attack that will Restrain your target.
Call of the Wild You commune with the critters and beasties of the wilderness.
Calm Self Through your training in mind and matter, you master a good deal of what it means to excel in both.
Careful Preparation The Makari has truly mastered rituals of his school
Cautious Attack You trade offensive power to sure your defenses against a single opponent.
Cave Dweller Gain Darkvision, +1 feat bonus to dungeoneering and thievery.
Cavern Curse This foul curse causes ongoing necrotic damage and slows your foe.
Cawl Heritage Your melee attacks are more effective
Centaur Lineage One of your parents was a centaur, and you have inherited some of their power.
Chameleon Hunter Your ability makes you harder to hit.
Chant of Renewal You are able to heal those around you with a brief chant.
Chant of the Riftworm You gain the Channel Divinity: Chant of the Riftworm Encounter Power
Chaos Blood Your chaos powers are particularly potent, leading to different erratic functions as a result of your inherent chaos blood magic.
Chaos Magic When you hit with an attack, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn. When you miss with an attack, you gain a -1 penalty to your attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Cheat Fate Once per day you may reroll any attack or skill check you disapprove of, but you must take the second result, even if it is lower, and your next attack or skill check made is treated as an automatic failure.
Chilled Wyvernblood Your cold blood freezes your enemy.
Chitin Launcher Small spines form on the underside of for arm, and can be launched with a quick flick of the arm.
Chosen of the Forest You move through the underbrush like a natural
Claw Fighter Your claws are weapons.
Claws of the Beast Your hands are twisted like claws. This deformity allows you to deal more damage than usual with your unarmed attacks.
Cleanse the Chaos By Melora's will, you strike at those who try to encroach from the realm of primordials onto the natural world.
Clever Opportunist You can switch positions with your opponent on and opportunity attack.
Cliff Warrior Ignore rocky difficult terrain, get up from prone as minor action in this terrain.
Cloth Blade With enough practice, you can learn to shape your fibers into a sharpened blade, allowing you to make small daggers or large swords.
Cloth Grab
Cloth Whip With practice, you can learn to harden your fibers into blunt instruments, making either a though whip or a spiked mace-like ball.
Club Fists Ogrillons have a natural urge to mash things with their fists. You have shunned weapons of wood and steel, eventually pounding your knuckles into calloused knobs of hard gristle. You can even deflect incoming blows without harm, intuitively.
Cold Fire Bonus to attack rolls and inflict vulnerability with fire and cold powers.
Command Spiders You have the ability to force spiders to obey you.
Conch Call You can emulate noises that all creatures of the sea can understand.
Conflicting Origin You put your effort into training your body more than your mind.
Conjured Frenzy Twili Frenzy becomes an area power.
Conjured Weapon Focus +1 feat bonus per tier to damage rolls with conjured weapons; use conjured weapon as implement for at-will implement attacks.
Crackling Wildfire Fire and lightning rain down upon your foes with the fury of a raging storm.
Crushing Jaws Creatures grabbed by vice bite take further damage
Ctenizidae Aspect You have the ability to detect foes at a distance without sight.
Cyclops Lineage One of your parents was a cyclops, and you have inherited some of their power.
Daemonfey Blademaster Gain a fighting style with light blades and brutal weapons.
Daemonfey Stealth Due to your races tendency to avoid the public you are especially adept at stealth.
Daemonic Control Through the strength of will only an adventurer could muster you have found that you can call upon your innate magical powers more often.
Dance of Death Moving with upmost grace you shift and attack your enemies.
Dark Iron Dwarf You gain Dark vision and a +2 bonus to visual perception rolls made in the dark.
Dark Iron Hide You gain a resistance to all damage equal to 2/3/5 at each paragon tier, and temporary hitpoints equal to 3 + 1/2 your level at the start of each encounter.
Dark Iron Warrior You gain access to certain features and special Dark Iron At-will, Utility, Encounter and Daily powers
Darkscale Your scales ward off the very essential energies of death.
Dazzling Fire
Deceptive Illumination
Deep Shadow You summon an aura of shadowy darkness that conceals you and other shadow creatures, while hindering and harming your enemies.
Deformity (Mutilation) Your scared body is disgusting you gain a bonus to intimidate skill and fortitude defense
Deformity (obese) Through intentional gorging and general gluttony you gain regeneration 1 when you are bloodied and an extra healing surge but you lose some mobility
Deformity Eyes with your scary cursed eyes you get darkvision but this vision disturb the perception
Deformity Gaunt Through intentional starvation and macabre operations you gain skill bonus on accrobatic and stealth checks but you lose an healing surge.
Deformity, Brain after several brain trauma your mind adapt itself from your madness. you gain bonus in a trained skill at the price of a another skill
Demonic Descendant when you deal necrotic damage to a target, you get a bonus to attack roll and damage again that target.
Demonic Sneak Attack You instinctively know how to twist the blade to get the most out of your sneak attacks.
Derro Lineage
Despana School You have learned House Despana's fighting techniques, which involve teaming up against an enemy with summoned creatures.
Deva Touched You've been touched by a reincarnation of a deva spirit, and inherited some of their power.
Developed Mastery Through hard training, you have mastered your own style.
Devilish Lineage One of your parents had the heredity of a devil, and you have inherited some of their power.
Diirinka's Hideous Laughter
Dimensional Gate You may replace a utility power your level or lower with a power that allows you and your allies to teleport from certain squares.
Dire Heritage You come from culture that emphasizes the primal side of your Race
Directed Roar of the Jungle King Your roar becomes a directed blast rather than a general burst.
Distracting Faerie Your Faerie companion flits in your enemies' faces, making openings rather than simply pointing them out.
Divine Fury You gain a scaling, +1/2/3 bonus to damage rolls with your Divine Wrath racial power.
Divine Intercession You can channel divine energy to remove yourself from a dangerous situation.
Divine Tolerance You can now take healing effects with a more regular effect
Divine Vitality You've Inherited some Divine Gift Increasing your Vitality.
Dominating Grab With your gaze you paralyze your victim, before impaling him on your spikes.
Doppleganger Lineage One of your parents was a doppelganger, and you have inherited some of their power.
Dracon Heritage Your blood is filled with the ancient power of dragons.
Draconic Ancestry The old blood of Dragons runs deep in your veins.
Draconic Fury +1 to attacks with draconic powers against bloodied enemies.
Dragon Heart You gain an additional use of the "Dragon Breath" racial encounter power.
Dragon Teeth Your bite is a weapon.
Dragon Weapon Proficiency You gain proficiency with a broad range of weapons, including weapons from the Dark Sun's player's guide, the Triple-headed flail, Tratnyr, Kukri, and Falx, and gain a +2 or +1 bonus to damage with them.
Dragon's Knowledge Your mind holds ancient knowledge even you don't fully understand.
Dragon's Rage Your power in your dragon form swells and you lash at others with it.
Dragonborn Lineage One of your parents was a dragonborn, and you have inherited some of their power.
Dragonborn Senses You gain Darkvision and a +1 bonus to perception rolls.
Dragonbreath Coating Sacrifice your Dragon Breath encounter power to gain type-damage or type-resist.
Dragonsbane Your strikes on your favored prey increase in ferocity.
Drow Illusion Mastery Drawing on the power of Lolth, you gain a power formerly lost from your drowi heritage.
Drow Lineage One of your parents was a drow, and you have inherited some of their power.
Dual Flexibility You are adept in the art of two-weapon fighting and can alternate weapons naturally.
Duergar Lineage
Duergar Lineage (MM2) One of your parents was a duergar, and you have inherited some of their abilities.
Duergar Weapon Proficiency You gain proficiency with all picks and axes, and a scaling +1/2/3 bonus to attack rolls with them.
Duergar Weapon Training When you use a pickaxe for a weapon attack, you may target the fortitude defense instead of the original defense.
Durability You are made of sturdier stuff than most psiforged.
Dwarf Lineage One of your parents was a dwarf, and you have inherited some of their abilities.
Dwarven Origin Thanks to your dwarven blood, you are relatively unburdened by heavy loads and poison.
Dwarven Resilience You gain an additional use of your second wind and gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when you use it.
Earthen Adaptation You carry a series of retractable claws on your hands that allow for easy digging, in addition to soft hooks that dig into soft terrain helping you keep a grip.
Echoing Scream
Eladrin Lineage One of your parents was an eladrin and you have inherited some of their power.
Element Expertise You trained hard to bring your mind, your soul and the forces of one element in harmony.
Elemental Assistance The spirits of the elements guide you when attempting skills.
Elemental Bond
Elf Lineage One of your parents was an elf, and you have inherited some of their power.
Elfhunter Because of your cultural hatred for elves, you have specific training in how best to fight them.
Elite Battle Training The first time you are hit with an attack during an encounter you gain resist 5 to all damage until the end of your next turn.
Elite Hunter's Training The bonus for your trophy hunter racial trait increases to +2 at 11th level and +3 at 21st level.
Elite Tracker's Training You gain a +5 bonus to tracking checks, and a +1 bonus to insight and perception.
Elven Accuracy You may replace a use of one of your racial encounter powers with the 'Elven Accuracy' power. In addition, you may take the highest of either result with this power.
Elven Marksmanship You gain proficiency with all bows and crossbows, and a +1/2/3 scaling feat bonus to damage rolls when using them.
Empowered Breath You gain an additional ongoing effect to your dragonbreath power.
Empowered Pounce Your capable of more strategic surprise attacks.
Enraged Blood Lust Your blood lust increases
Enraged Half-Dragon Form +1 attack, +2 damage when charging in half-dragon form.
Entropic Affinity You empower your chaos power to greater heights.
Expert Guidance Your Faerie cleverly points out places to deal real damage.
Extended Flight You are a stronger flier than most gritaurs.
Extreme Diehard You are especially hard to kill. Not only do your wounds automatically stabilise when grievously injured, but you can remain conscious and continue to act even at death’s door..
Eyes of the Forest You're so used to peering through underbrush that it no longer impedes your sight.
Fade into Darkness You become stealthier in the shadows
Faerie Hunter Your Faerie cleverly points out places to deal real damage.
Familiar You can replace your Warlock's Curse or Hunter's Quarry power with with a creature that deals damage instead, which does between d6 and d10 damage per tier.
Fantastic Leap Your height poses no difficulty for your attacks.
Fascinating Illumination
Fast Walk Go your normal speed when in Ghost Walk.
Feint You leap and spring across the ground.
Feline Agility You use your feline form to its highest potential, increasing your agility.
Feral Might As a bear, you favor weapons that compliment your brutal nature.
Ferocious Half-Dragon Form You deal extra damage while in your half-dragon form against targets you have advantage against.
Ferocity When you are bloodied or dying, you can make a basic attack against a nearby creature as a free action.
Fey Senses
Fiery Redoubt +2 bonus to fire damage rolls while warding flame is active.
Find your Quarry Be ready for battle faster, when your Quarry is revealed.
Fire Spell Empowerment Due to your natural connection to fire, you do more damage with fire spells.
Firewrought Endurance +2 bonus to Endurance; extra Con modifier hit points regained when healing surge spend while bloodied
Flail Duelist Assassin You can use flails like other rouges use daggers
Flail Duelist Brawler
Flail Duelist Novice Your skill with flails opens up options in combat you otherwise wouldn't have.
Flail Duelist Rager A barbarian is frightening, a barbarian with flail expertise is terrifying.
Flail Duelist Warrior
Flaming Blade
Flashing Tail You don't just know how to handle a weapon with your tail, you handle it so well you don't even have to think about it!
Flexible Club You are skilled enough with a sling to keep the rock in the sling while you hit people with it
Flexible Kagune Through daily use, you've learned how to use your kagune for the basic uses
Flock Mentality When you allow an ally to move or shift, you can also move
Flying Charge You charge from the air to elongate the distance of your flight.
Focused Blast You pinpoint your Mind Blast, ripping your enemy apart.
Forced Disguise
Forceful Frenzy Knock prone with Twili Frenzy
Foreboding Soul Gain bonus to damage with Fear and Necrotic attacks with combat advantage.
Fox Magic You gain better control of the powers you've gained.
Fox Senses You learn to use your nose and ears like a real fox.
Frenzied Attack You are empowered to attack by the sensation of a weakened enemy.
Frenzied Beserker When you are bloodied, you can enter the "frenzied berserker" stance.
Frenzied Lion's Pelt Your unarmed claw attacks deal more damage.
Frenzied Momentum Shift when using your Twili Frenzy power.
Frenzied Rush +1 to speed, defenses against opportunity attacks when using ferocious charge
Frightful Presence
Frozen Survival You chill your blood to guard yourself from cold.
Gensai Lineage One of your parents was a gensai, and you have inherited some of their power.
Ghost-Bound Strategy
Gift of the Spider Queen You can use your innate drow racial powers in new and potent ways.
Githyanki Lineage One of your parents was a githyanki, and you have inherited some of their power.
Githzerai Lineage One of your parents was a githzerai, and you have inherited some of their power.
Gliding Leap You can use your wings to glide across pits and ledges, as well as to propel yourself skyward when you leap.
Gloom Strike Your sneak attacks leave a residue of darkness that clouds your enemy's vision.
Gloomstrike Your attacks blind targets that cannot see you.
Gnoll Lineage One of your parents was a gnoll, and you have inherited some of their power.
Gnome Lineage One of your parents was a gnome, and you have inherited some of their power.
Goblin Lineage One of your parents was a goblin, and you have inherited their sneakiness.
Goblin Skulk You can shift an additional 2 squares and gain combat advantage against the next enemy you target with an attack after you use your Goblin Shift power.
Goblin Weapon Proficiency You gain proficiency with Urukhai Pick-axe, the Scimitar, the Falchion, and the Glaive, and gain a +2 bonus to damage with them.
Goliath Lineage One of your parents was a goliath, and you have inherited some of their power.
Gore You can attack with your horns, and knock the target Prone.
Grasping Tentacle
Greater Deadly Charge Your charges are even more deadly.
Greater Lycanthropy Your wolf form is more powerful
Greater Vitality A force arises in you, granting grater life force
Group Challenge You can rally allies to see the advantage you mark.
Gruesome Vengeance +2 to damage against cat's vengeance target.
Guardian of Erberus Years of tireless guard duty in the gloomy vaults of Hell have made you vigilant.
Guardian of Malebolge Your duties in the eighth circle of Hell have allowed you to see in pitch darkness, and taught you to be forceful.
Half-Breed You come from two heritages and show some of your parent's traits
Half-Dragon Flyby
Halfling Lineage One of your parents was a halfling, and you have inherited some of their power.
Harrying Attack You attack shift and attack again.
Hatred You absolutely hate a particular kind of creature.
Healing Touch You can channel your magic to heal your allies.
Hellfire Ray You can fire a ray of hellfire.
Hellsword Hellfire enshrouds your melee weapon.
Hobogoblin Lineage One of your parents was a hobogoblin, and you have inherited some of their power.
Honor Bound Ally
Hook Trickster Pull prone enemies with Hook attacks.
Hose Heritage You are adept at rushing head first into battle
Human Lineage One of your parents was a human, and you have inherited some of their power.
Hunter's Eyes Even for a race known for its keen eyes you're exceptional. As long as you can see any hint of your target you know exactly where to aim your attacks.
Hunting Tactics You and your allies gain extra damage against targets you Flank.
Hurl Flame You can lob a globe of infernal fire.
Hurling Charge You make a Ranged attack, and then charge into combat.
Impaling Shot Your javelin attack also restrains your enemy.
Impish Bite Bite attack
Imposing Faerie Your Faerie is unusually large for its kind, and it makes clear that you're not to be trifled with.
Improved Battle Dance Shift half your speed when using Kinnari Battle Dance
Improved Bear Hug Your size is notable, and that aids you greatly whilst wrestling your foes.
Improved Call of the Khan-Ur The powerful blood in your veins bolsters your racial capabilities
Improved Disarm +4 to disarm attacks
Improved Echolocation Your ability to discern surroundings without sight is enhanced by your wisdom.
Improved Hurl Rock You can use hurl rock twice per encounter. In addition, if you hit with the hurl rock power, you push the target 1 square.
Improved Razor Swarm
Improved Rhinocereetle Horn
Improved Superior Mind Your mind expands in its mental prowesses.
Improved Trip and Dismount +4 to trip and dismount attacks
Improved Unarmed Combat Strike unarmed with better damage and greater accuracy.
Infernal Wrath You gain the tiefling Infernal Wrath racial power.
Inferno Pulse Flames explode from your body in a reaction to your enemies attack.
Inlindl School You have learned House Inlindil's fighting techniques, which focus on fighting with a single-handed weapon and a shield.
Innate Finesse You no longer suffer a -2 AC penalty from Mortal Bite should it miss.
Instinctive Darkness After intensive training, you can negate light instinctively.
Intensified Reversal Activate Benthic Reversal in response to any saving throw
Intensify Darkness By extending your effort, you can expand the area of your Cloud of darkness power.
Interloper's Hatred Bonus to attacks against immortals, gain radiant resistance
Ize Heritage Your affinity for cold has granted you greater defenses against it
Jetting Charge Use spirited updraft to fly while charging.
Jeweled Tentacles
Kalashtar Lineage One of your parents was a kalashtar, and you inherited some of their power.
Kargath Cultist Your reverence towards Kargath Bladefist grants you a special encounter power, as well as shifting bonuses based on chaos magic.
Keen Focus Nothing will keep you from finishing your hunt.
Keeper of Forbidden Lore A shared demonic racial memory grants you access to hidden secrets.
Kenku Lineage One of your parents was a kenku, and you have inherited some of their power.
Kinnari Advance Use an At-Will power instead of a melee basic attack on a charge
Kinnari Valor Song Use your strength instead of constitution for your Virtue of Valor
Knight of the Spider Queen You are a master of spider-mounted combat, easily the equal (or superior) of any horseman.
Knights of the Silver Hand You gain access to certain features ordinary Argent Dawn members do not have, and At-will, Utility, Encounter and Daily powers
Kobold Lineage One of your parents was a kobold, and you have inherited some of their power.
Kokiri Weapon Training You're trained in the traditional weapons of the Kokiri.
Kor Climbing +2 Athletics, ignore some fall damage.
Lay on Hands You multiclass as Paladin, and gain the Paladin's "Lay on hands" class feature. In addition, you may replace it with the paladin power "Ardent Vow" or "Virtue's Touch" class feature.
Lethal Execution Your Ghostly Chaos attacks with two handed weapons use d8's
Lethal Poison Your ranged attacks slow your target
Light's Perseverance You gain proficiency with all heavy and lights blades and a scaling +1/2/3 feat bonus to damage when using them.
Living Construct Familiar You gain a mechanical familiar, a small mechanical robot assistant who aids you in various ways.
Lolth's Boon You can channel the dark power granted to you by Lolth to empower spiderkind.
Lolth's Caress You can channel the dark power granted to you by Lolth to speed up the effects of poison.
Lolth's Meat Like all drow, you understand that you exist only to provide Lolth with food and pleasure. This knowledge lends you a cirtain bloodthirsty readiness.
Long-Jump You master the footwork necessary to achieve heights previously more arduous.
Luck of the Climber Shift when using Luck of the Kor, and the power has a higher threshold.
Luns Heritage Your clan background gives you stronger healing skills
Lycosid Precision Your bite attacks have perfect accuracy.
Lycosid Speed You have the lightning-speed of your lycosid cousins.
Lycosidae Aspect You have the strength of a mighty wolf spider, and the speed of one too.
Lyre of Orpheon (4e Equipment)
Magical Tunes Tunes played on your wooden pipes have mystical effects.
Mags Heritage You gain power after you hit with a magic spell
Marsh Blessing You can invoke the power of the marsh to bestow healing on your allies.
Martial Expertise You gain access to chainmail, scale and plate armor.
Master of Poisons You are highly trained and adept in the use of toxic substances.
Master of Shadow
Master of Shadow and Illusion
Mauling Bite You can make a vicious attack with your fang filled mouth.
Mettle Finesse You deal more damage for maximizing your mettle spending.
Mijor Weapon Training Living in the cold, you learned to defend yourself.
Minotaur Lineage One of your parents was a minotaur, and you have inherited some of their power.
Miyamoto Musashi You are so proficient with the Katana, you can use it in one hand.
Mobility (Warmage) Whenever you Empower a Mystic Orb, you may shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier. Whenever you conjure a Mystic Orb, you may shift a number of squares equal to one half of your Wisdom modifier.
Modron Infused Some of your parts and thought has been replaced by those of a modron, and you have inherited some of their power.
Monodrone At some point you were a spherical monodrone, and have chosen to retain their small stature.
Nasty Sting Tail sting causes more damage.
Natural Heritage Channeling the dragons you slew with your resonant origin, you power your sigil.
Natural Resistance Your infernal heritage bolsters your defenses.
Necrotic Empowerment You have unlocked an understanding of Necromancy more than any other. You know how to make it hurt more.
Necrovenom Sting Your barbed tail's poison becomes even more deadly.
Nimble Spinner You find ease in positioning yourself for tactical advantage, even while spinning webs.
Noble Centaur Weapon Training You gain proficiency and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with spears and polearms.
Obelisk The size of your totem is increased to large, taking up 2 x 2 squares instead of 1 square, or 4 x 4 squares at paragon levels.
Ogrillon Crusher
Onyxeye Mechanim Your eyes burst into a dull lavender light, and suddenly darkness is a foreign concept to you
Opportunistic Hook-Slinger Opportunity attack with a hook when missed by a melee attack
Opportunistic Ornithurine Don't provoke opportunity attack from foes granting combat advantage
Orc Ironblood Add one-half your Constitution modifier to the temporary hit points granted by your Battlerager Vigor.
Orc Lineage One of your parents was an orc, and you have inherited some of their power.
Orcish Slayer You gain proficiency and a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls with axes and maces.
Orcish Vitality You gain a bonus to your healing surge value equal to your constitution modifier.
Overwhelming Flame You impose your burning passion into your evocative fire tactics
Pachamama Inti You gain proficiency with the Macana Mace and Macuahuitl weapons. In addition, the Macana Mace gains the heavy thrown property, with a range of 5/10.
Paralyzing Poison Your poisonous breath halts your foes in their tracks.
Pentadrone You were a pentadrone, and have retained their ability to control a paralyzing, buoyant gas.
Perfect Accuracy Your bite attacks are exceptionally precise.
Planetouched Lineage One of your parents was a planetouched, and you have inherited some of their power.
Pneumatic Mechanism With a sudden enormous leap and an artful arial dodge, you land on another side of the enemy, freeing up space for your allies.
Poison Claws Your unarmed strikes also deal poison damage and do an additional +1 damage.
Poison Healer Poison isn't always bad for you.
Poison Ray You can fire a venomous bolt of energy that weakens your foe.
Poison Spittle Your saliva is a deadly toxin.
Poisonous Bite You have poison glands and a deadly bite.
Potent Venom Poison powers are more potent.
Pounce You leap at the enemy, bringing your forelegs up to put your claws and entire mass behind the attack.
Pouncing Kitty You charge at your foe - they dodge, but you turn that to your advantage.
Powered by Positive Energy Some Overlords are fueled by not only negative energy but positive as well.
Powerful Growth
Predator of the Depths You are an expert at hunting the deep places of the world.
Predator's Path Your movements are confident and agile on the tangled webbing that would hinder a lesser creature.
Predator's Talons Your talons are not only sharp, but also have a deathly gripping potential.
Prehensile Tentacles Your tentacles function like virtual fingers, letting you use them as such.
Preternatural Spell You can cast a spell that changes throughout time.
Primordial Scion Thew Abyss beckons...
Profane Agony You can channel the dark power granted to you by your deity to deal terrible pain to your foes.
Proficent Soul Eater You may consume the Souls of all your foes
Protective Shadow +1 to ally Reflex and Will on Shadow Form
Psychic Refusal Powers that attack your mind have difficulty passing your defenses.
Quadrone At some point you were a four-armed quadrone, and have retained their ability to dual-wield bows.
Radiant Aura You can shine a Divine Aura with a range of 2, giving regeneration 2 for each ally in the aura, make enemies vulnerable to 2 radiant damage, and shining a bright light in every direction.
Radiant Blast Your radiant burst power increases to a close burst 2, and the target before the attack gains vulnerable 5 to radiant damage.
Radiant Spell Your spells are as bright as the brightest day.
Ragefilled Strike Unable to contain your rage, you lash out at your enemy.
Rake Having grabbed your foe you pin him to the ground and bring up your hindlegs for a disembowling strike!
Rakshasa Tainted You can use the deceptive veil of the spirit of the rakshasa that tainted you.
Rapid Assault Your bloodlust and impulsiveness are what made you love battle in the first place, and now you can't wait to battle again.
Razor Talons Use monk unarmed strike when neither hand is free
Reactive Resistance
Rec Heritage You are a child of the Recs, known for their ingenuity
Resist Poison You are able to resist damage caused by poison.
Resistance Substitution Change your innate resistance to that of a different type of energy.
Ride-By Attack You are skilled at making fast, overrun charges.
Ritual Defense The Makari has learned how to shrug off the effects of hostile rituals.
Run Like The Wind You are able to swiftly avoid your opponents Opportunity Attacks.
Rune Caster Your training in rune magic has paid off.
Rycnorse Weapon Training +2 damage and proficiency with rapiers and longswords
Sadistic Reward
Salticidae Aspect You have all the leaping talent of your salticid kin.
Savage Critcal Your ghostly attacks tear deeper into your foe's
Savage Mastery You gain proficiency with all axes, the Uruk-Hai Pickaxe, and a +1/2/3 scaling feat bonus to damage rolls with these weapons.
Scarlet Mantle You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when bloodied.
Scytodidae Aspect You can trap your foes by salivating your mucilage.
Second Skin Your body tempers to carry more heft but still move with grace.
Shadar-kai Lineage One of your parents was a shadar-kai, and you have inherited some of their power.
Shadow Distraction You are adept at distracting foes and sneaking by unnoticed with the power of trickery to cover your tracks.
Shadow Soldier You are deadly with the chosen weapons of the Raven Queen.
Shadowborn Warrior
Shardmind Embedment You have the crystalline fragments of the gate grafted in and onto you, inheriting some of their power.
Shared Madness
Shi'quos School You have learned the mobile fighting style of House Shi'quos.
Shifter Lineage One of your parents was a shifter, and you have inherited some of their power.
Silent Footfall You are a hunter born, often silent and always deadly.
Silkcraft Expertise Your silk becomes translucent and you wield it efficiently and quietly.
Silkcraft Mastery I You produce silk at an increased rate. It becomes keen-edged - better able to find chinks in armor.
Skill Focus (Underdark) You are knowledgeable about the secrets of the subterrainean world and are wise in its ways.
Skirmish Your sheer size overwhelms your enemies.
Skum Bite While swimming you can bite a foe you are grabbing.
Slaad Mutation You have been infected by a slaad or raw chaos and survived, gaining strange powers through it.
Snaky Hair Your snaky hair is a weapon.
Soul Bound Armor Your armor is becomes bound with your soul
Soul Harvest You start off each day with two extra Soulstones, and when you use Soulstones you gain a +1 bonus to a defense of your choice.
Soulscorch Hellfire erupts around your enemy.
Spear Talent You can make an extra melee attack with any weapon from the Spear group.
Spellbook of Arachane Lore
Spellscale Lineage One of your parents was a spellscale, and you have inherited some of their power.
Spiderfriend Weaves Your weaves do not affect your spiderkind allies.
Spinner's Endurance You have natural or trained talent with web spinning, allowing you to fashion webs more efficiently and more frequently.
Springbok Mechanism Seeing a foe pass just out of reach, you prime the springs that are attached to your arms.
Spry Step Your jumps become so nimble that attacks fail to reach you as much.
Star-Driven Targeting The stars empower your hit to a more sensitive location on your enemy, making it deadlier.
Stolen Mind By eating brains, you learn new tricks
Stoneforge Acolyte You gain the Stoneforge Creation power.
Stoneforge Initiate You gain the Stoneforge Crafting power.
Strange Words Apply words of friendship to Intimidate check
Strong Back You gain a +2 bonus to endurance and 1 extra healing surge. You move at your normal speed even when it would normally be reduced by a heavy load. Other effects that limit speed (such as difficult terrain or magical effects) affect you normally. When determining your normal load, heavy load, or maximum drag load, treat your Strength score as 5 points higher.
Stronger Kagune Your violence and fighting has increased the strength of your attacks
Student of the death You have learned to animate dead and control them.
Surprising Riposte Through deft maneuvres, you unravel your opponent's defenses.
Swamp's Grasp You can invoke the power of the marsh to use Swamp's Grasp.
Swift Weaver
Tail Lash You use your tail to get advantage against your enemy.
Tail Slap Your tail allows you to defend against flanking enemies.
Tail Training Ordinary gritaurs can hold things with their dexterous tails, but no more than that. You have trained yourself to the point where you can not only hold a slippery object like a sword, but even wield it effectively in combat.
Tailed Fighter Your tail can now wield offhand weapons.
Tainted Blood You can reduce the damage of your Demon's power ability by one in order to slow the target.
Takedown Pounce When you leap onto the enemy you lock your claws on him and bear him down.
Talented Tentacles You can use your Tentacles with amazing skill.
Tears of Scarlet When you use the Elven Accuracy power, the target also takes damage equal to your Highest Ability modifier + 1d6 on a successful hit, and you gain temporary hitpoints equal to the damage you inflict on the target.
Teddy Bear Lineage Not entirely a Teddy Bear, but to have fuzzy bear and a cute personality
Tenacious Hardy and resilient
Thane Blood You possess particularly strong Fel Orc blood, giving you a resistance to fire equal to 5 + 1/2 your level. In addition, your powers ignore any target’s resistance

to that damage type up to the value of your resistance. You also gain a different ongoing effect at the start of each encounter.

The Banshee's Fate (4e Equipment)
The Chosen You gain the "Supernal" language, three other languages to your choice, a +2 bonus to all History, Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate rolls, and the ability to communicate telepathically to all creatures out to 20 squares. In addition, you qualify as a Divine class for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.
The Contagion Increase the damage die of your Corrupting Fire racial encounter power from d4 to d10, and cause an additional ongoing effect.
Thinblade Accuracy You gain proficiency with the Elvin Thinblade and a bonus to damage when you use your "Elven accuracy" power.
Three-tail Sneak You grow your third tail.
Thri-Kreen Weapon Training
Thrill of Victory You gain a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against bloodied enemies.
Thunder Hooves When you use quick kick against a target that is marked by you, the target takes 5 thunder damage if you hit or miss it.
Tiefling Lineage One of your parents was a tiefling, and you have inherited some of their power.
Toil of Laduguer
Tormtor School You have learned House Tormtor's fighting technique from your weapons masters.
Tough as Dragon's Hide Your skin absorbs the dead dragon blood you bathe in to harden your defense.
Toxic Death You have mastery of poison and darkness.
Tribal Mastery You gain proficiency with all spears, and a +1/2/3 scaling feat bonus to damage rolls when using them.
Trickster Tunes Pookas are an inherently musical lot, taking to the art of song, dance and melody with a diligence not seen in any other pursuit they practice - except perhaps for the art of trickery. Fortunately, they have found a way to combine their love of music with their love of mischief.
Trident Stretch Your skills with the trident allow you to utilize it's reach more.
Tridrone At some point you were a three-armed tridrone, and have retained their ability to hurl multiple thrown weapons at once.
Triton Deeplurker Your expertise with your trademark weapon allows you to wield it with amazing ease.
Triton Stormcaster Utilizing your trademark trident, you can imbue magic and interact with great powers.
Triton Tidespeaker Your symbolic weapon becomes imbued as a conduit to channel energy.
Triton Trident Mastery Your power wielding your proficient weapon of choice grows and you can use it in ways inconceivable before.
Tunnel Grace You can bless your allies with extra movement.
Tunnelfighter You can fight more naturally in the cramped and close quarters of caves and tunnels than usual.
Tunnelrunner You can move naturally in cramped quarters of caves and tunnels.
Twili Frenzy You gain the Twili Frenzy power.
Twilight Shifting Move through difficult terrain, do not provoke opportunity attacks in dim light
Twilit Madness +2 to Psychic damage rolls, -5 to enemy save against your fear effects
Two Weapon Expertise You are adept at wielding two weapons.
Two-tail Sneak You grow your second tail. Magical power starts to come easier to you, and you start to feel an urge to stay out of sight.
Umbral Spell Your spells are as dark as the darkest night.
Unarmed Expertise You have extensive training with spiked gauntlets, knuckledusters, steel-capped boots and just bare fists.
Unnatural Vitality You never have to sleep and when you make endurance rolls can roll twice and take the higher of either result.
Unyielding Revenant You gain proficiency with all two-handed weapons and a bonus to damage with them.
Urticating Hair You have barbed hairs on your abdomen which you can brush into the faces of nearby foes.
Uruk-Hai You gain Darkvision, and a +2 bonus to vision based perception rolls made in complete darkness.
Vae School You have learned House Vae's fighting style.
Veil of Shadows You move about unseen.
Vengeful Blood You take vengeance upon an enemy that harms you, using your blood to power your next spell.
Venomous Strike You know where to place your sneak attack to deliver a highly effective poisoned strike.
Versatile Combatant You have learned to combine attacks with the favoured weapons of the drow.
Vestigial Wings A pair of vestigial wings sprouts from your shoulders.
Walk on Air You can fly (hover, maximum altitude 1)
Walkabout Gain the Long Distance Runner and Survivor's Preparation Martial Practices
Warforged Grafted Some of your body has been replaced or covered by parts of a warforged, giving you some of their power.
Web of Steel
Web Reaper Ettercaps are practiced at quickly dispatching foes entangled in their web-nests.
Weird Step When you use blurred step you can teleport 1 square instead of shifting.
Wheeler Mechanism Wheels and rubber pads attached to your feet make your strides longer and the strides that you do take count for more.
Whirlwind Charge Charging into combat gives you an attack against all enemies that are within reach.
Wilden Infused One of your parents was a wilden, or you've been infused with their essence, and have inherited some of their power.
Wind In Your Sails With the wind behind and beneath you, you can jump further and higher than before.
Windborne Weapon You can wield a larger weapon while concentrating.
Wing Buffets When taking off near the enemy you beat your wings hard in their faces, making it difficult for them to aim their attacks and sometimes landing a blow to an extended arm or snout.
Winged Adaptation A Pair of wings form on your back granting exceptional jumping capabilities
Wolf Lineage Your ease with the form of a wolf over any other animal helps you with your claws and fangs.
Wraith Heritage You are more resistant to opportunity attacks
Wyvernish Bloodthirst Your want to kill rises more as your enemy bleeds.
Xaniqos School You have learned House Tormtor's fighting technique from your weapons masters.
Zehir's Venom Obviousman says "You can use channel divinity to use the power, Zehir's Venom."
Paragon Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Abhorrent Your form mutates into an even more maddening form.
Advanced Antenna Your antenna become more attuned to assist your vision giving you great advantage while blinded.
Advanced Aquatics You gain webbing between your fingers in addition to gills and an even more hydrodynamic shell, allowing you to move through water with the greatest of ease.
Advanced Wings a second set of wing has grown to work in-tandem with the first; enhancing your jumps and allowing for limited flight.
Aerial Migration You gain overland flight.
Agile Crawler
Ancient-Blooded You can swap one 9th-level or higher daily attack power you know with the dragon's breath attack power.
Angelic Wings You unfurl your wings of pure white feathers.
Arcane Resilience Your greater control of your arcane energies allows you to sustain yourself under severe wounds
Armor Specialization (Spidersilk) You are skilled with spidersilk armor.
Avenger's Wrath You may target two creatures with your Crusader's Wrath class feature, and may engage the target by being within 5 squares of it.
Avern Alertness Enemies can't surprise you, +2 to passive perception.
Backdoor Your starry composition allows you to better escape danger while hindering those who pursue you.
Baneful Bite Your venom becomes more neurotoxic and regenerates rapidly.
Beguiling Advantage You project a natural charm few can resist.
Bucca Burrow You can plough your way through the bowels of the earth with astonishing swiftness.
Burning Venom Venomous hiss remains potent.
Cloak of the Obyrith The chaos of the Abyss suffuses your being, as it does the ancient obyriths.
Cloak of Vengeance Whilst you are not bloodied, any creature that hits you with a melee attack suffers 10 cold and fire damage.
Cloth Cleaver You have practiced your skill with cloth blades enough to create truly deadly cleavers from your own fibers
Cloth Wrecker You have practiced your skill with cloth whips and maces enough to create a large flail from your own fibers
Coercive Spell Living foes damaged by your spells become more pliable and vulnerable to your commands.
Compass Rose (4e Equipment)
Concentrated Acid Spray Your acid is concentrated to be even more potent
Conflagration Warding flame aura increases to 2 squares; only effects enemies.
Current Storage Your body is capable of storing small amounts of electricity, allowing you to take less damage from shocks and invigorating you when the shocks are minor enough.
Curse of the First Humans you are a member of the first creation by the human gods. You gain bonus to all defenses and attacks
Dark Scythe You are able to weaken and cause additional damage with your Scythe.
Deadly Blade You can strike your foes precisely in vital spot.
Deafening Spell You can modify a spell so that it deafens targets.
Deceitful Charm Others have little chance of deceiving you with their charms.
Deflect Arrows You and your adjacent allies have improved defense against incoming arrows and thrown weapons.
Demon Sense You gain a +2 bonus to initiative, insight, and perception, and can tell the location of every creature on the battlemap, even if they are obscured by cover or concealment.
Devilish Sight Your eyes, blessed with infernal blood, can now pierce the dark.
Devourer of Brains You can feast upon the grey matter of those you kill.
Domination You may replace a daily power your level or lower with a power that allows you to dominate and control an enemy creature.
Draconian Wingbeat With use your wings have grown stronger, allowing for better flight.
Dragon-Blooded Ire
Earth Digger Your claws are much harder and coated with a weak acid allowing you to dig through tougher substances.
Earth Titan You are immune to petrification.
Echosense Using your amazing senses, you can perceive without sight like a bat does via echolocation.
Eldritch Blood You are one with your Aberrant nature.
Elite Weapon Training your training with your clan weapons make you even more deadly with them than most. You gain proficiency with the blade gauntlet, double glaive, double javelin, shuriken disc, and the weighted net weapons.
Embrace the Spirit Your human and fox souls finally unite, leaving you stronger than before.
Empower Spell Re-roll damage dice of one arcane attack power once per encounter.
Empowered Blood The Makari has becomes even better at fueling rituals with it's blood.
Enervate Spell Add necrotic damage type to arcane spell and weaken targets
Exorcism You gain the ability to perform a powerful ritual that can make certain kinds of foes leave the battlefield for an amount of time
Extended Airtime Use spirited updraft twice per encounter.
Fell Terror Foes are filled with terror when hit by your spells.
Fey Charger You are a charger par excellence.
Fiendish Flight Your immortal heritage granted you bat-like wings; now you have the power to take to the skies.
Firestar Protector (4e Equipment)
Five-tail Trickster You grow your fifth tail.
Flail Hurricane Your Flail becomes a burst weapon.
Fog-Piercing Eye Reduce the benefits enemies gain from concealment.
Force Spell One spell you know can deal force damage.
Fury of the Fhondi Bonus to fire attacks when bloodied; fiery blood damage increased.
Gaia Weapons Your natural weapons grow in power
Glancing Claws Even if your attack fails to truly strike home, your enemies will still feel some of their edge.
Grand Lycanthropy You heal more quickly while in wolf form
Grasping Barbs When you use the Barbed Defense power, you also grab the target, and the target is marked by you until the end of your next turn.
Greater Spell Reflection Your scales gain a stronger resistance and add to the power of your ability to reflect damage.
Grimlock Rage Hurting someone badly gives you a rush of euphoria that rejuvenates you temporarily.
Headbutt Charge Giving next to no regard of your own safety, you charge headlong at your foe, suddenly twitching and dealing an attack.
Heart of the Nabassu You can trace your ancestry back to the darkness of both the abyss and the shadowfell.
Heirarch Modron As an upper-tier modron, your precision of order allows you to alter the initiative sequence in battle.
Horrid Claws Your claws are brutal weapons.
Imperious Command You strike a deep and abiding terror in your foes.
Impish Resistance Resist 2 + 1/2 level fire, cold, lightning
Improved Body of Air You are immune to disease and poison.
Improved Deflect Arrows You and your adjacent allies have improved defense against incoming arrows and thrown weapons.
Improved Dragon Breath
Improved Flight Fly faster when using Flight Form
Improved Half-Dragon Flyby
Improved Moving Along
Improved Mystic Fury You have learned to channel more energy into Mystic Fury, being able to cast Elemental Storm farther and with more power than before.
Improved Shadow Jaunt Your Shadow Jaunt power gains additional range, and you can choose to end the move as Invisible or Insubstantial.
Infernal Frost You get the power to use Infernal Frost
Innate Apathy You don't really understand the concept of carring about someone else. You can't understand how to build a link with a creature. You better at killing on your own. Now you become better in this tactic
Invigorating Growth
Kelpie Skin Your very skin becomes a slippery trap with which to catch your unwary victims.
Kor Hook Mastery Hook damage die size increases by 1 and it gains high crit
Lengthened Fey Step You can fey step further.
Leviathan Your reverence towards your Fel Orc origins results in an absolutely massive size, unaturally created by the legion's hellfire. Your ability to carry heavy objects is improved, and you are treated as if one size larger.
Me Smash! You let out a throaty cry and thrust your fists straight through the stone door, turning the masonry to powder.
Mind Eater You have eaten enough brains for a new lore.
Mixed Evolution Varying circumstances give you a wide variety of adaptations.
Numbing Rage Being bloodied only encourages you to survive.
Nyoijizai's Blessing
Overlord's Last Stand The Overlord's Immense Power emerges.
Pack Tactics
Pain Intolerance Dracon females are known for their soft skin, sensitive nerves, and refined sense of touch. As such, they can feel greater extremes of pleasure and pain than the males of their kind, at the cost of being able to stand as much damage. Nevertheless, a female Dracon who has experience as an adventurer can use this to her advantage, by better knowing how badly she is hurt and when it may be prudent to retreat. Your bloodied hp value can become 2/3 and gain a +2 against ongoing damage when not bloodied
Pain Tolerance Dracon males are known for their ability to keep fighting, even after losing large amounts of blood and receiving grievous wounds. Dracon soldiers especially benefit from this in combat, as they can keep fighting long after the warriors of other races would have given up.
Parrying Claws You are quick enough with your claws that you can catch blades out of the air.
Persistent Flames
Poison Spell You can mystically transfer poison with your spells.
Poison Talons Your claws drip with poison.
Potable Mastery To any other man, a jug of wine would hinder their capabilities, but to you it is like a refreshing gust of wind that blows away your pain.
Precise Vengeance You make sure to hit those who do you harm.
Psychopath's Indifference as a vasharan, you have no instinctive revulsion for vermin such as snakes, insects, or rats, and are not at all bothered by filth or gore. For your those thing are simply nothing as long it's not usefull to you
Raging Attack Your damaging power is boosted by your experience.
Raking Claws Quick swipes work fine for some, but you'd rather your opponent fall after one good slash.
Rapid Pelt You can morph with your pelt faster.
Raven Queen's Servant You gain increased resistance to Cold or Necrotic damage.
Reap and Fade You can attack with a scythe and Shadow Jaunt simultaneously.
Rear and Strike Long training has taught you to keep your balance and hold your weapons ready even when rearing up to strike with your claws.
Red Queen (4e Equipment)
Repeated Regal Roar You can use your roar more than once.
Rider of the Web
Rod of Orcus (4e Artifact)
Santoryuu You have learnt santoryu, the three-sword style.
Scholar of the Web
Secret Shot When you are hidden and make a ranged attack, you may make a stealth check to remain hidden.
Serrated Claws Your claws have the high crit property.
Shadow Tactician +1 Reflex and AC to allies in dim or darker light
Sharp Claws Your claws use d8 instead of d6.
Silkcraft Mastery II Your silk cuts deeper. Your traps are more devious.
Soaring Form Improve spirited updraft' racial power while in beast form.
Sorrow's Scythe You are able to mark and cause additional damage with your Scythe.
Soul Fist Your hands are implements.
Soul Fury Allows your unarmed attacks to deal an elemental type of damage, and treats your unarmed strikes as High Crit weapons.
Spider Climb You learn to use your sticky webbing to traverse walls and ceilings.
Splashing Blood Your blood splashes far to freeze your enemy
Split Spell Make a secondary attack with arcane ranged powers
Strengthened Wings Your wings become empowered through use and can now take to new heights.
Stripedscale Your scales adaptivity allows you to draw on multiple resistances at once.
Sylvan Nimbleness You can use forested undergrowth in your favor, swinging around branches and ducking through brambles to avoid your enemies' pitfalls
Tail Fighter Studying the tribe's warriors has convinced you to try and copy their fighting style. Holding both arms and tail constantly ready to strike isn't easy, but you manage well enough!
Tail of Flames You grow one more tail. At this level you finally start to grasp the true power of the kitsune spirit.
Taunting Voice
Teachings of the Web Gain arachnomancer tactics class feature
Tentacles Everywhere Your tentacles are in constant motion, granting you threatening reach.
The Beast Within You may wield weapons as if you were one size larger, or as if you were a large creature, and can wield two-handed weapons in one hand as if they are one-handed weapons.
Though the Darkness As a being of shadow, you are accustomed to moving through the darkness.
Totem Master You may summon two totems with your Spirit Totem power.
Tripping Tail You've gotten better at maneuvering your tail in combat, specifically so it ends up wrapped around a foe's leg.
Truly Gnarled
Twilight Hunter Combat advantage after Shadow Form
Twisted Soul You start off each day with one extra soul stone, and when you use Soulstones you gain an additional bonus.
Vow of the Spider Queen You can use the Deadly poison power as a daily power
Warding Tail You have learned to use your tail to ward yourself from enemies that flank you or otherwise has some kind of advantage against you.
Wyvern Quickness Your past gives you improved speed
Epic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Air Superiority Fly higher and faster when using Flight Form
Alien Visage
Angelic Memory Your angelic heritage manifests in the form of white wings and grants you flight.
Arcane Furor Your experiences have led to a better understanding of the energies that course through your body, allowing you utilize your abilities more often.
Barbed Teleport
Bleak Visage Your appearance causes Fear in your enemies.
Chaotic Spell Recall A few choice spells never stray far from your mind.
Clawed Weapon Fighter You have trained yourself to fight standing on your hind legs only, using the talons on your forelegs as a second set of hands.
Danger Sense Your empowered mind can sense the presence of those who wish you harm.
Darkness Rising +2 bonus to death saving throws
Deadly Scourge
Demonic Skin Your skin has rough, scaly patches that enhances your natural armor.
Dominating Shout
Draconic Flight Your draconic wings become stronger and larger, enabling you to fly.
Dragon Wings Your draconic nature grants you flight.
Evararm (4e Equipment)
Eyes of the Abyss Your eyes glow with an inner fire of some unusual color. The glow increases your perception and allows you to see in the dark.
Fhondi Heritage You reconnect with your heritage and unlock your hidden flight.
Freeze Master You feel in cold areas like in home.
Frosty Bleeding Your bloodied enemies suffer from pain of your chilly blood.
Highborn Drow You have learned to tap into the advanced arachane abilities available to you through your drow noble heritage.
Hovering Flight You have mastered flight completely. Not only can you stand long stretches of all-out combat flying, your wings are now powerful enough to keep you in the air even without moving forward!
Improved Levitation You are skilled in the use of Levitation.
Infernal Regeneration Regeneration 2 whilst bloodied
Leaping Dodge As your opponent's spell comes barreling your way, you simply leap to the side and out of its way.
Lingering Wound Damage, over time, has built up to a point where it permanently effects you. You cover it up to the best of your ability, but your'll never be as healthy as you once were.
Marasame (4e Equipment)
Masque of Olidamarra (4e Equipment)
Master Weaver You can twist your weaves to omit small areas from your weaves.
Maximize Spell Maximize damage rolls on at-will arcane attack power.
Nightmare Ride You gain the power to summon forth a ghastly steed as your mount.
Planephase Form In urgent situations you can walk freely between the material realm and the Far Realm.
Precognitive Visions You periodically experience visions of the near future.
Ripping Blow You cause additional damage when you have Combat Advantage.
Ripping Claws Having sharp claws is good, but having serrated claws is better.
Shiftscale Your adaptive nature is no longer a chore to use, and you can utilize its ability even in the heat of battle.
Silkcraft Mastery III
Skyrider Gain permanent flight.
Soul Mastery You start off each day with one extra soul stone, and when you use a soulstone may use two effects instead of one. You also gain the "Soul Master" encounter utility power.
Staggering Critical Your critical hits sent your foes reeling.
Strong Wings You are now such a strong flyer that you only need to touch down for a moment to rest your wing before taking to the air again.
Sudden Spell Use arcane at-will power as free action when you spend an action point
Surprise Vengeance Just before you are about to fall unconscious, you give up some of your life force to send forth a burst of radiant energy.
Tail of Spirits With 9 tails you have reached the final level of your power. You are constantly aware of other fox spirits following you, waiting for you to join them fully.
Tempest Hop Knock enemies prone when you use your spirited updraft power.
The Sword of the Green King (4e Equipment)
Titan Form
True Flyer You have finally left the ground for real even in combat.
Uber Lycanthropy Your hunting prowess allows you to move silently through the battle field.
Unarmed Mastery With a sickening crack, your knuckles twist the gnome's neck at an awkward and painful angle.
Unstoppable Rage Being brought to your knees invigorates and lights a fiery fury in you.
Unyielding Vengeance Fatigue won't stop you from taking revenge.
Wand Of Orcus (4e Artifact)
Web Net You learn to use your sticky silk webs in conjuction with your immobilizing powers.

<!-Your race-> Utility Powers

When your <!-your race-> character gains a class utility power after 1st level, you can forgo taking a power granted to you by your class. Instead you gain a <!-your race-> utility power of the same level or lower.

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