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Symbols Coding

You can use the following codes to symbolize attack type and recharge die where indicated.

Symbol Coding Symbol Coding
D6 (1).png {{1}} Basicmelee.png {{BM}}
D6 (2).png {{2}} Melee.png {{M}}
D6 (3).png {{3}} Basicranged.png {{BR}}
D6 (4).png {{4}} Ranged.png {{R}}
D6 (5).png {{5}} Close.png {{C}}
D6 (6).png {{6}} Area.png {{A}}

These are the average stats for a 4e monster.

AC 14 +1 per level +2 for Soldiers
-2 for Brutes
-2 for Artillery
Other Defenses 12 +1 per level
Attack Bonus +5 +1 per level -2 vs non-AC defenses
Damage 8 +1 per level +25-50% for encounter powers
+25% for Brutes
-25% for multiple targets
-50% for Minions
HP 18 for Artillery, Lurkers
20 for Skirmishers, Controllers
22 for Soldiers
24 for Brutes
+6 per level
+8 per level
+8 per level
+10 per level
Perception Wisdom modifier +1/2 level +5 if the monster is trained in Perception
Initiative Dexterity modifier +1/2 level +4 if the monster would have Improved Initiative

When converting average damage, half the value contributes towards average die roll and the other half becomes the damage bonus.

Example: If the average damage is 10, the average die roll contributes 5 points - this could be 2d4 or 1d10.

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