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Table: Hauling Vehicles[edit]
Item Cost Weight Holds or Carries
Cart 15 gp 200 lb. 1/2 ton
Sled 20 gp 300 lb. 1 ton
Wagon 35 gp 400 lb. 2 tons
Table: Ships[edit]
Item Cost
Rowboat 50 gp
Oar 2 gp
Galley 30,000 gp
Longship 10,000 gp
Keelboat 3,000 gp
Sailing ship 10,000 gp
Warship 25,000 gp
Table: Transportation[edit]
Item Cost
Ship's passage 1 sp per mile
Coach cab 3 cp per mile
Messenger 2 cp per mile
Teleportation Varies*
Road or gate toll 1 cp

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