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Telepathy (Cha)
Level: Psion 3
Display: Vi, Au
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Power Points: 5

The manifester's mind splits into two independent parts. Each part functions in complete autonomy, like two characters in one body. The newly partitioned mind does not control the body physically but is free to take one partial action each round that is completely mental (such as manifesting a power). Both minds communicate with each other telepathically. Both can use psionic powers, even at the same time, although both draw from the same power point pool. All powers manifested by the newly partitioned personality cost a number of power points equal to their standard cost +2.

This effect allows the character to take an extra partial action each round, either before or after his or her regular action, as long as that action is the manifestation of a power or some other nonphysical activity. Manifesting powers in threatened areas still provokes attacks of opportunity.

If the manifester is subjected to a compulsion or charm effect while of two minds, make a second saving throw if the manifester fails the first. If both fail, then schism ends and the character is affected normally by the power. If one fails, the other part of the character's mind is still free to act normally.

Note: The spell haste does not function on a split-minded creature due to its fragmented consciousness. Other spells and powers designated by the DM are likewise unlikely to function, or at the very best, to affect only one of the personalities.

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