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Rod of Alertness[edit]

This rod is indistinguishable from a +1 light mace. It has eight flanges on its macelike head. The rod bestows a +1 initiative bonus. If grasped firmly, the rod enables the holder to detect evil, detect good, detect chaos, detect law, detect magic, discern lies, or see invisibility. The use of these powers can be done freely with the rod, each different use taking a separate standard action.If the head of a rod of alertness is planted in the ground, and the possessor wills it to alertness (a standard action), the rod senses any creature within 120 feet who intends to harm the possessor. Each of the flanges on the rods head then casts a light spell along the direction it faces (usually north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest) out to a 60-foot range. At the same time, the rod creates the effect of a prayer spell upon all creatures friendly to the possessor in a 20-foot radius. Immediately thereafter, the rod sends forth a mental alert to these friendly creatures, warning them of possible danger from the unfriendly creature or creatures within the 120-foot radius. These effects last for 10 minutes, and the rod can perform this function once per day.Last, the rod can be used to simulate the casting of an animate objects spell, utilizing any eight (or fewer) objects located roughly around the perimeter of a 5-foot-radius circle centered on the rod when planted in the ground. Objects remain animated for 10 minutes. The rod can perform this function once per day.

Caster Level: 14; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, light, detect magic, alarm, detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, discern lies, see invisibility, prayer, animate objects; Market Price: 72,000 gp

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