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Rod of Absorption[edit]

This rod acts as a magnet, drawing spells or spell-like abilities into itself. The magic absorbed must be a single-target spell or a ray directed either at the character possessing the rod or her gear. The rod then nullifies the spells effect and stores its potential until the wielder releases this energy in the form of spells of his or her own. The wielder can instantly detect a spells level as the rod absorbs that spells energy. Absorption requires no action on the part of the user if the rod is in hand at the time.A running total of absorbed (and used) spell levels should be kept. For example, a rod that absorbs a 6th-level spell and a 3rd-level spell has a total of nine absorbed spell levels. The wielder of the rod can use captured spell energy to cast any spell he or she has prepared, without expending the preparation itself. The only restrictions are that the levels of spell energy stored in the rod must be equal to or greater than the level of the spell the wielder wants to cast, that any material components required for the spell be present, and that the rod be in hand when casting. Continuing the example above, the rod wielder could use the nine absorbed spell levels to cast one 9th-level spell, or one 5th-level and one 4th-level spell, or nine 1st-level spells, and so on. For casters such as bards or sorcerers who do not prepare spells, the rods energy can be used to cast any spell of the appropriate level or levels that they know.The rod of absorption absorbs a maximum of fifty spell levels and can thereafter only discharge any remaining potential it might have. The rod cannot be recharged. The wielder knows the rods remaining absorbing potential and current amount of stored energy.To determine the absorption potential remaining in a newly found rod, roll d% and divide the result by 2. Then roll d% again: On a result of 01-30, half the levels already absorbed by the rod are still stored within.

Caster Level: 15; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, spell turning; Market Price: 50,000 gp

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