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Psionic Feats[edit]

To nonpsionic characters, all psionic feats are treated as special (only psionic characters and creatures may take them). Psionic feats allow the psionic character to enhance combat, augment psionic powers, and manipulate psionic attack and defense modes.

Some psionic feats do not directly use the power points of a psionic character, but the mere presence of those power points and psionic potential allow psionic characters access to these feats. Feats that have a prerequisite of “reserve power points [some number+]” require the psionic character or creature to possess a number of unused power points equal to or greater than the given number to use the feat in any given round. These power points are not used to power the feat; however, if they are not held in reserve the feat is temporarily unavailable.

Note: If a psionic character’s total power point maximum never equals the reserve power point prerequisite, the character cannot take the feat.

List of Psionic Feats[edit]

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