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A character can try to overrun as part of a charge action against an opponent that is one size category larger, the same size, or one size smaller than the character. Only one attempt to overrun can be made per charge.

An overrun takes place during the movement portion of a charge. With an overrun, a character attempts to move through the opponent's area.

Step 1

First, a character must charge at least 10 feet in a straight line into the defender's space. Then the defender chooses either to avoid the character or to block the character.

Step 2

If he avoids the character, the character keeps moving. (A character can always move through the space occupied by someone who lets a character by.)

Step 3

If the defender blocks a character, make a trip attack against the defender (see Trip, below).

Step 4

If the character succeeds in tripping the defender, the character can continue the charge in a straight line as normal. If a character fails and is tripped in turn, the character is prone in the defender's space. If a character fails but is not tripped, the character has to move 5 feet back the way the character came. If that space is occupied, the character falls prone in that space.

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