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Necklace of Prayer Beads[edit]

The necklace of prayer beads consists of 1d6+24 semiprecious stones (total value 1,000 gp) along with one special bead:

Bead of blessing: Wearer can cast bless.

Bead of healing: Wearer can cast remove blindness, remove disease, or cure serious wounds.

Bead of karma: Wearer can cast his or her spells at +4 caster level (with respect to range, duration, etc.). Effect lasts 10 minutes.

Bead of smiting: Wearer can cast holy smite, chaos hammer, orders wrath, or unholy blight if appropriate to his or her alignment. (A neutral wearer cant use this bead.)

Bead of summons: Calls the wearers deity (90% probability) to come to him or her in material form. (It had better be for a good reason.) Usable only once.

Bead of wind walking: Wearer can cast wind walk.

Each special bead can be used once per day, except for the bead of summons. If the wearer uses that bead to summon his or her deity frivolously, the deity takes the characters items and places a geas upon the character as punishment at the very least. The power of a special bead is lost if it is removed from the necklace. Sometimes necklaces are found with multiple special beads.

Caster Level: 17; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, gate, wind walk, and one of the following spells: bless, cure blindness, cure disease, cure serious wounds, holy smite, chaos hammer, orders wrath, or unholy blight (whichever is appropriate);; Market Price: 500 gp (bead of blessing), 5,000 gp (bead of karma), 10,000 gp (bead of healing), 15,000 gp (bead of smiting), 30,000 gp (bead of wind walking), or 50,000 gp (bead of summons), plus 1,000 gp for the nonmagical beads for each necklace

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