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Multiclass Characters

The class abilities from a character's different classes add together to determine the multiclass character's total abilities. Multiclassing improves a character's versatility at the expense of focus.

Multiclass Features Exception: A character who acquires the barbarian class does not become illiterate.

The abilities of a multiclass character are the sum of the abilities of each of the character's classes.


"Character level" is the total level of the character, determined by adding all class levels together. "Class level" is the level of the character in a particular class.

Hit Dice

The character gains Hit Dice from each class, with the resulting hit points added together.

Base Attack Bonus

Add the base attack bonuses for each class to get the character's base attack bonus. If the resulting value is +6 or higher, the character gets multiple attacks. Find the base attack value to see how many additional attacks the character gets and at what bonuses.


Base Attack Bonus: The monk is a special case because her additional unarmed attacks are better than her base attack bonus would suggest. For a multiclass monk fighting unarmed, the character must either use the additional attacks given for her monk levels (only) or the additional attacks that are standard for her combined base attack bonus, but not both.

Saving Throws

Add the base save bonuses for each class together.


The character retains and can access skills from all his or her classes. For the purposes of determining the “Max Ranks” of a skill, use the character’s character level rather than individual class levels. When adding a new class level, the costs for new ranks in skills are calculated using the costs for that class. Skills available to another of the character’s classes which are normally not allowed by the class being added or increased are treated as cross-class skills for the purpose of determining the cost of skill ranks.

Class Features

The character gets all class features of all classes but must also suffer the consequences of all special restrictions of all classes.

A character with Favored Multiclass

Any treats their highest level class as their favored multiclass.


In the special case of turning undead, both clerics and experienced paladins have the same ability. In the case of a multiclassed paladin/cleric, if the character's paladin class level is level 3 or higher, the effective turning level is the character's cleric level plus the paladin level minus 2.

Rage, Uncanny Dodge, Sneak Attack & Similar Class Features

Some Class Features improve at higher levels. When a character gains a Class Feature from two or more classes that behaves in this manner, treat the Class Feature as though the class levels of the classes including that Class Feature of the character were combined to determine how effective the class feature is. For Sneak Attack, simply add the additional damage dice.

Spellcasting classes

Spells: The character gains spells from all his or her classes. Keep all spell lists separate. Spell levels and spells per day are not aggregated.

Multiclass Psionic Characters

Note: A psion character may never multiclass as a psion with a different discipline.

The psion/psychic warrior multiclass is allowed. Power points from each class are pooled; however, powers discovered for each class must be tracked separately, since class level affects the manifestation of certain powers.

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