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Metapsionic Feats[edit]

Metapsionic feats allow a psionic character to enhance the manifestation of a regular power. Using a metapsionic feat doesn’t take any longer but does increase the total power point cost to manifest the power.

A psionic character can use multiple metapsionic feats on a power, and the extra power point cost is cumulative, but a power altered by metapsionic feats can never cost more power points than the manifester’s level minus one (minimum one).

With the proper item creation feat, a character can store a power enhanced by a metapsionic feat in a power stone, psionic tattoo, or dorje, but the level limits for psionic tattoos, power stones, and dorjes apply to the power’s higher, metapsionic level. The metapsionic level increases by 1 for every 2 points a metapsionic feat increases a power’s cost.

Important: Metapsionic feats cannot be used to augment psionic attack and defense modes. The feats that allow direct manipulation of psionic attack and defense mode powers are specifically noted with the given feat.

List of Metapsionic Feats[edit]

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