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Hide (Dex; Armor Check Penalty)


The character's Hide check is opposed by the Spot check of anyone who might see the character. The character can move up to one-half normal speed and hide at no penalty. At more than one-half and up to the full speed, the character suffers a –5 penalty. It's practically impossible (–20 penalty) to hide while running or charging.

Larger and smaller creatures get size bonuses and size penalties on Hide checks: Fine +16, Diminutive +12, Tiny +8, Small +4, Large –4, Huge –8, Gargantuan –12, Colossal –16.

If people are observing the character, even casually, the character can't hide. The character can run around a corner or something so that the character is out of sight and then hide, but the others then know at least where the character went. If the character's observers are momentarily distracted (as by a Bluff check; see below), though, the character can attempt to hide.

While the others turn their attention from the character, the character can attempt a Hide check if the character can get to a hiding place of some kind. (As a general guideline, the hiding place has to be within 1 foot per rank the character has in Hide.) This check, however, is at –10 because the character has to move fast.

Creating a Diversion to Hide

The character can use Bluff to help the character hide. A successful Bluff check can give the character the momentary diversion the character needs to attempt a Hide check while people are aware of the character.

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