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Dream Travel
Psychoportation (Dex)
Level: Psion 8
Display: Vi
Range: Touch
Targets: Up to one touched creature/level
Duration: 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Power Points: 15

The manifester and any creature touched are drawn into the region of dreams. The manifester can take more than one creature along (subject to the level limit), but all must be touching each other. The characters physically enter the land of dreams, leaving nothing behind.

For every minute the character moves through dream, he or she can wake to find him or herself five miles displaced in the waking world. Thus, a character can use this power to travel rapidly by physically entering the dream world, moving the desired distance, and then stepping back into the waking world. The manifester knows where he or she will come out in the waking world.

Dream travel can also be used to travel to other planes that contain creatures who dream, but this requires crossing into the dreams of outsiders. This is a potentially perilous proposition, at the DM's option. Transferring to another plane of existence requires 1d4 hours on an uninterrupted journey.

Any creatures touched by the manifester when dream travel is manifested also make the transition to the borders of unconscious thought. They may opt to follow the character, wander off into the dreams of others, or stumble back into the waking world (50% chance for either of the latter results if they are lost or abandoned). Creatures unwilling to accompany the character into the region of dreams receive a Will save, negating the effect if successful.

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