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Clairsentience (Wis)
Level: Psion 2
Display: Ol, Au
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous
Power Points: 3

An augury can tell whether a particular action will bring good or bad results for the manifester in the immediate future.

The base chance for receiving a meaningful reply is 70%, plus 1% per manifester level; the DM makes the roll secretly. The DM may determine that the question is so straightforward that a successful result is automatic, or so vague as to have no chance of success. If the augury succeeds, the manifester gets one of four results:

Weal (if the action will probably bring good results).

Woe (for bad results).

Weal and woe (for both).

Nothing (for actions that don't have especially good or bad results).

If the power fails, the manifester gets the nothing result. A psion who gets the nothing result has no way to tell whether it resulted from a failed or successful augury.

The augury can see into the future only about half an hour, so anything that might happen after that does not affect the augury. Thus, it might miss the long-term consequences of the contemplated action. All auguries manifested by the same person about the same action use the same die roll result as the first augury.

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