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Alchemy (Int; Trained Only)


The character can make alchemical items. Some items the character can make are found in the item descriptions. To determine how much time and material it takes to make an alchemical item, use the DCs listed below and the rules for making things found in the Craft skill description.

The DM may allow an alchemist to perform other tasks related to alchemy, such as identifying an unknown substance or a poison. Doing so takes 1 hour.

Task DC Notes
Identify substance 25 Costs 1 gp per attempt (or 20 gp to take 20)
Identify potion 25 Costs 1 gp per attempt (or 20 gp to take 20)
Make acid 15 See Craft skill
Identify poison 20
Make alchemist's fire, smokestick, or tindertwig 20 See Craft skill
Make antitoxin, sunrod, tanglefoot bag, or thunderstone 25 See Craft skill

Yes, but in the case of making items, each failure ruins the half the raw materials needed, and the character has to pay half the raw material cost again. For identifying substances or potions, each failure consumes the cost per attempt.


The character must have alchemical equipment to make an item or identify it. For identifying items, the cost represents additional supplies the character must buy. Purchasing and maintaining an alchemist's lab grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Alchemy checks (from the favorable condition of having the perfect tools for the job) but does not affect the cost of any items made using the skill.

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